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What does "Press This" mean???

  1. I searched through the FAQs to try to figure out the "Press This" button, and I found this topic and have read through the whole thing and still have no idea exactly what it does. No idea if the WordPress staff read these comments, but if they do, it really needs to be documented.

    All I know is that if I'm looking at one of my WP blogs and "Press This", it takes me to a blank posting box for a different one of my WP blogs. I have absolutely no idea why anyone would find that particularly useful, nor why it would be assigned to a default button, nor why the button would be labeled "Press This" instead of something meaningful. I'm stumped!

  2. It will go to the posting box for the blog that is set as the Primary blog on your Profile. It's meant to be a posting shortcut, to encourage bloggers to make lots of posts containing links to other bloggers. It certainly does need refinement, because it just isn't anyone's first choice. I like to other WP bloggers all the time, and I NEVER use "Press This" because it isn't user-friendly. It thinks like someone who isn't a typical blogger.

  3. I just found a bottle that says "Drink me".....

  4. What I don't see spelled out here is that it seems to work differently . . . or not at all???. . . in firefox. When I tried the same thing in IE it worked great.

  5. If you are using firefox with windowslivewriter then you can get the addon "Blog this" that allows you to do the same thing. It adds an icon to your toolbar so you can blog a page or a snippet directly into windowslive writer.

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