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What does stats widget measure?

  1. I've been looking at my stats per the stats widget and the stats from Site Meter. Since I didn't add Site Meter from day 1 of my blog, there is a difference between the two. Since Site Meter has the ability to adjust for viewers before it was installed, I did that once we got the stats widget in Regulus. Today I noticed that the two are not in sync in terms of total visitors and that the difference between the two seems to be getting larger.

    I thought the stats widget showed the number of visitors but I'm beginning to think it is showing page views. Is this correct? (BTW - I checked the FAQ and searched the forum before I posted this.)

  2. Looks like visitors to me as it's not increasing as I click around my test blog but since the sidebars are cached, there's no real way for us to tell. :(

  3. Maybe podz can weigh in on this?

  4. Feedback sent. (He's playing whack a spammer so I'm sure he'll be around shortly. :)

  5. Hi guys. The stats widget gets its numbers from the same database as the Blog Stats admin page graphs. It's pretty much page views but it will try to exclude logged-in viewers (like yourself) and it is only updated every few minutes.

  6. it is only updated every few minutes.

    That must be why it wasn't updating it when I was poking around my test blog keeping track of it.

    Thanks Andy,

  7. Thanks Andy. I thought it must be page views.

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