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What does in your referrers mean?

  1. [confused]

  2. Somebody said that was the staff reading the blogs, although I can't remember who, so maybe it was just a weird dream I had.

  3. Is the staff reading the blog a good or a bad thing? lol

  4. Good question. Maybe is a direct line from my laptop to the NSA.

  5. actually i remember reading what generaldisarray read, so you're not dreaming gd. why not try typing in the forum search, nosysnoop?

  6. That was me. I saw it one day and asked via Feedback (See? They do answer them. :) and that's what Donncha told me. In my case they were reading off the Hottest Blogs list as I had thrown up some Kim Possible stuff and it had hit technorati.

    Of course back then, a hundred hits a day put you on the top 10. :)

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