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what does the number of visits next to a search term really mean?

  1. What I mean is, if a particular search term today showed 5 visits, does that mean that one person could have linked to my blog through that search, and then SUBSEQUENTLY clicked on 5 different pages on my blog? Or does it definitely mean that that search term was used 10 times by someone ( or up to 10 someones) to link to my blog, and whatever other pages they clicked on once they got here would just be reflected in my daily stats, not on the search term list????
    Don't know why I'm so curious about this! But sometimes the search term is really odd, and I can't imagine that 5 people would have independently searched for it, yet on the other hand why would one person repeat the same search 5 times!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. oops, sorry, I got my hypothetical numbers mixed up! substitute "5" for those "10's"!

  3. Good question, because I cannot for the life of me believe that two people typed exactly the same very badly typed search term of:

    can yo rebutt your visa dienal

  4. @team - add one more to your badly typed search string - I have several search strings that show up and it makes sense that more than one person did the same string on my site - but I sometimes wonder one person has clicked on the same link more than one time.

    Maybe one of the Staff will pitch in an opinion.

  5. Maybe they will - that would be nice.

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