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What does this mean please?

  1. I have just visited my stats' page and on the bottom left where it say "Clicks Today" I found this (
    When I clicked it it took me to the registration page where one registers for a blog. Erm obviously. I did register for an additional blog but that was last week.

    So is this something I've done or should I be wary? Defying Leviticus.

    Thank you.

  2. Edit, BOTTOM RIGHT.

  3. These are external links that appear on your blog, and are actually clicked by your readers. These may be (but are not limited to):
    Links you add to your post and page content.
    Links placed in comments by your readers.
    Links that appear in your blogroll.
    Links attached to the names of users who comment on your blog.

  4. P.S. Go to the bottom of your theme and click this link in the footer on the right hand corner "Blog at" - mystery solved.

  5. Ah, I did add a link to another post earlier today. Mystery indeed solved.

    Thank you timethief. :)


  6. Unless the link you added was that same link it's not a factor. You had a click on the "Blog at" link in the footer of your theme. You're welcome.

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