What does Top Searches mean?

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    I’ve found a number of interesting and quirky search terms in my Top Searches section of my Stats page. However, I cannot figure out whether these are search terms from someone searching the entire Web or searches conducted from within my own blog — that is, someone who landed on my page and wanted to find some specific term.

    Two other people have asked a similar question, but the responses have not been clear. One responder said “Yes” ; the other responder said, essentially “it’s hard to know.”

    Maybe the answer is “both.” Either way, it would be nice to know what that function actually is measuring.

    The blog I need help with is jveeds.wordpress.com.



    It is just the searches made from the web search engines like Google. I made a test search within my blog using blog search widget and it didn’t reflect in it. Also, in the blog stats page, note that the “search engine terms” is defined as “terms people used to find your blog”

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