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What does your avatar mean?

  1. Mine is fairly literal, it s just me testing the camera on the tripod and it caught my coat and the elevated freeway in the background. You spend years trying to make intelligent and satisfactory images and as ironic as life itself you end up with a favorite that is really just the result of a happy accident.

  2. Mine is a picture of bright-eyed Athena, patroness of civilization, reason, Athens, goddess of wisdom, justice, agriculture, (tactical) war, crafts, and favorite daughter of Zeus.

  3. It means I like the color pink, sparkles and that I wear reading glasses. But sssshhhh. :P

  4. noneed2knowhow

    Until I ran across this forum, I had not thought about having an avatar that MEANT something. What a concept! (I'm a little slow sometimes...) Found this pic of an open road. That is where I am at--mid life crisis, empty nest, currently between jobs...the world is open to me and I am taking that chance at following a new path! Please note the yellow stripe--reminding me to occasionally use a little caution! :-)

  5. Mine may be a little hard to read in this forum. It says, 'She could see no good reason to act her age.' Make of that what you will.

  6. My avatar is my main World of Warcraft character, which I'm using because WoW is the main topic of my blog.

  7. Sharp-eyed.

  8. Mine's fairly self-evident. Just a hand writing on a notepad, which is something I'm always carrying around. I think it says "writer" in small lettering; either that or "waiter". :)

  9. "By harsh necessity, Atlas supports the broad sky on his head and unwearying arms, at the earth's limits, near the clear voiced Hesperides, for his is the doom decreed for him by Zeus the counselor."

    As Atlas supports the sky, so I carry our croft. Or, as shown in my avatar, an 8in diameter, 8ft long fence post. On that particular day, I carried 10 of them on my shoulder, several hundred yards up hill over rough and muddy terrain.

    I then spent the rest of the day digging four-feet deep holes to stand the posts in, before working into the night knocking in 3in stobs (the smaller posts) with a 12lb maul (heavy hammer).

    My load never lessens; it's mine to carry day in, day out. Unlike Atlas, though, I chose my own doom and enjoy it.

  10. May I ask: are you raising wood buffaloes or African elephants, that you need eight-inch diameter fence posts?

  11. who cares - man that's my dream life, stonehead. I can't tell you how much I envy that when I'm in my cubicle of death for 9 hours a day, destroying my libido, figure, and eyesight while I squint at a laptop with the eerie glow of flourescent lighting above me.

    When I graduated high school, I took the most physically labor intensive job I ever had. I hung drywall and worked for a lumber yard and would ferry construction materials all over job sites. Best job I ever had. The feeling of accomplishment at the end of the day. God I miss that.

    You're livin' the dream, man!

  12. gotalandmagazine

    My avatar shows the Goetaland shieldmaiden and the flagg och Goetaland Sweden. The girls and woman of Goetaland rules their own life since 1000:s of years. Year 812 DC its written in the law: In equestrian and warfare boys and girls get equal training. Do I have to say that Swedens first female jetfighterpilot is from my hometown? No one was suprised.
    In school a snowy day we boys walked to school but the Goetaland Shieldmaiden toke the biggest John Deere tractor to school. -Home to her 25 bulls, yes I mean cattle. Who can compare to that?
    The Shieldmaidens quote is of course :-A Goetaland Shieldmaiden dont take order of a man, she says -Hel boy!
    And her man says: When a Goetaland Shieldmaiden is in the mode for work, her husband get very tired!

  13. Whoa.......pretty cool. a "shieldmaiden" that flies fighter jets, wrestles bulls, and drives tractors! Rock on!

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