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What does your blog say about you?

  1. I was finished writing my second draft post of the day when I realized that, although the stories were quite different, they both ended with the death of the protagonist or the antagonist.

    Then I thought about all these other stories I've posted with a similar ending. I'm scared to go back and total up the death toll. Nothing violent I might add, but the death is intimated.

    I'm wondering what on earth this says about me. Maybe I should collate them, send them off to a shrink and have them analysed :)

    But I thought it might be an amusing topic to see who else, if anyone, had any recurring themes in their blog which they hadn't really paid attention to, until some kind of 'awakening'.

    I guess this is probably aimed more at the short story writers, maybe not. I would summarize from my posts I'm like one of those little kids from the horror movies who draw dark and scary pictures.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I think our blogs are windows to our personalities. It's inevitable. That's why we care if people like them.

  3. that is a scary thought.

  4. I agree with Stewie.

  5. rsjewelrydesigns

    that I like

  6. Well uglymoose at least you notice a pattern.

    I'm not a short story writer but did write poetry decades ago. Usually the poetry focused on Nature, Never on people. Probably because I saw and still do, see people as more "complicated" and hence, harder for me to write without spending a ton of time. Much more than writing about Nature.

    I'm not sure what my blogs (I have 3) reveal about my personality vs. that I love cycling, love food (more than I realize) and I admire wildlife.. and domestic animals from a distance.

  7. invisiblemikey

    My blog says, "You have too much crap on your desk, Mikey."
    I'm working on it.

  8. My blog is for photography, but I still write poetry today.
    In contrast to @maidiebike, my poetry was often about human nature and emotion. The funny thing is, that is one of my favorite photography styles as well. My favorite photo I have taken is of my brother HERE
    It has been featured on NPR, and I recently showed it to Sam Abell, a National Geographic Photographer (I wrote an article about meeting him HERE)

  9. Well now, my blog is Gay historical and contemporary romance with just a teeny hint of bed time frolics. Er, so I don't know what that says about me.

    But then, Freud himself would have the devil of a job untangling my subconscious. :)

  10. @ Moose - Stephen King; Agatha Christie; etc., they were writers , like you :)

    So I think that what your blog is saying about you is that you are a writer, NOT that there is something that needs analyzing about you lol.

    There seems to be so many mistakes that can so easily be made if a reader tries to decide who and what a blogger MUST BE from a blog. Especially if if the blogger is a writer! Every word is sometimes assumed by a reader to be oh the literal truth and must be somehow auto-biographical.

    Just cos someone talks about Daffodils don't make 'em a Daffodil do it now :D

    I think the most important thing for any write is not to be put off by others, and to keep on writing; sadly I've known too many writers, and other creative people, be stopped from doing their particular craft, by the snipers of life! So trully rather than worrying for even a moment what another make try make of you as a person by what you write, just write and ignore them. Let's face it even shrinks who deal with people face to voluntary face, get it wrong so often, so why would a faceless stranger think they could know you, it's laughable; also a bit sad that someone would have as their hobby, the need to try tell others who they are lol.

    Good luck and all the best with your writing; hope that you will send your stories off to the publishers...... then when you do, don't be downhearted by any rejections, cos remember how many times Tolkein got knocked back before someone saw the true worth of 'Lord Of The Rings', Happy Blogging :D

  11. My blog says to me, "You'll be a star in the future".

  12. strawberryindigo

    My blog tells me I have lost my mind but I don't believe it.

  13. My blog says I love writing. I love everything from the theory and tedious and boring bits to the really fun and exciting bits. It also seems to say that I may be a little out of my mind. But that's nothing new.

  14. jacquimartinfolio

    I don't have any ideas about what my blog tells me... what do u all think??

  15. My blog says im passionate. Im broken. I believe in myself and I believe life is beautiful

  16. I've been told my blog makes me seem like an eloquently-spoken middle aged gay man.

    So... I guess that's good? XD

  17. Mine says nut case at the moment. I just posted an unfinished post!!! Tut.

  18. My blog says "the judge who issued the restraining order forgot to include the digital realm."

  19. My blog says "I'm a loser with nothing else to do but read books and go on the occasional rant defending the YA genre." Oh well, I do manage to get out and I generally don't blog in my underwear in my parents' basement.

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