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What does your Education mean to you?

  1. invisiblemikey

    I'll let you know once it's over. I'm only 57, so it's still ongoing...

  2. LOL @ Mikey!

    OK - at nearly 56, I'll agree with you Mikey.

    Mind you - this thought did occur to me - when it is over, we won't be in a position to actually post about it - you do realise that?

  3. invisiblemikey

    I'm not so sure. Maybe the afterlife posting process is a direct thought-to-blog interface! It's just that these limited earth-bound types can't READ the posts.

  4. You mean no typing and no proofreading and no editing? Sounds like blogging heaven to me! :)

  5. I'm slightly older than insvisblemikey and I'm into life long learning.

  6. @sajeevkmenon
    It ought to be recognized that the aim of education is not to produce leaders, as most assuredly not every student will grow up to become a leader. However, with a good education all students can learn how to employ reasoned thinking and make good decisions, regardless of which profession or occupation they choose to pursue. .

    What any good education provides students with is the habits of focused attention and concentration, the ability to follow arguments, and the ability to distinguish the important from the trivial and to grasp new concepts. Critical thinking skills help students clarify goals, examine assumptions, discern hidden values, evaluate evidence, accomplish actions, and assess conclusions.

    P.S. I commented on your blog and when I did I noticed you are using more than a combined total of 10 categories and tags on your posts. Please read this section of the support documentation. >

  7. mypassionislaw

    My education means so much. I do not believe I would be who I am today without my education. There would be more people with an education if they could afford it. I have gone through over half of my classes without the required books, because I, simply, cannot afford them. Yet, I retain an outstanding GPA.

  8. Education is such a broad term, which can mean many differing things to different people. You can be very academically educated but have little knowledge of workings of the real world.

    You can also be academic but have no social or emotional education which will lead to the former being vastly de-valued. I rate my social and emotional education highly as it is this that has allowed me to develop into the person I am today.

  9. Let's throw cultural education into the mix as well, although that may be encompassed in social education.

    I have a particular interest in CQ, or cultural intelligence. Not nearly enough of it around. I was glad to work for a company that insisted on cultural intelligence training for all staff globally.

  10. Thanks for the comments!
    Hi timethief - thanks for your comments on my blog. I have reduced the categories to 5 now and am limiting the tags to 10. Do let me know if you have any more suggestions.

  11. Education is the most powerful weapon. LIving in a small town where schooling 40+ years ago wasn't the most important thing. Survival was. Many boomers here didn't even finish grade 5 before they started working in the mountains or sailing the seas.

  12. Education is ...also learning how to learn. Whatever discipline a person decides to specialize, they are given tools on how to solve specific types of problems and how to explore their world and the future in different ways.

    A formal education can help a person accelerate that pace of absorbing brand new concepts and figure out problems by using certain touchpoints or the best touchpoints.

    I also think very much, education beyond high school helps a person learn how to learn in both a social way (group learning) and also how to learn in a solitary way. The latter can be awfully diffcult on some folks who leave security of home and friends and go to a completely strange city, strange campus and know no one at all. It's the whole solitary journey, finding friends to learn along the way and learning by oneself in a highly focused way so that one can graduate.

  13. maxoverdriveuk

    Education will give you a basic grasp of the bigger picture. Unless you are educating for something skilled "doctor, trades etc." it sadly means very little.
    Put it this way if you were in an interview with a guy who had a Master's degree in Marketing or a guy who has been doing the job for 25 years, who do you think they will give it too. Experience speaks far louder I'm afraid.

  14. HERE they would give it to the guy with the masters. The guy with 25 years experience would be considred too old already!

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