What Effect Will A Domain Name Have?

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    I just added a domain to my WP blog and it’s updated and working correctly. Here’s my question… is this going to affect my traffic? Why do NONE of the featured blogs under my Dashboard point to a domain? They are all pointing to wp urls.

    Any info would be greatly appreciated! :)


    the url’s in the dashboard point to the wordpress subdomain, but many of them, including scobleizer, have domain mapping (check your address bar after you click on them).

    also, your search engine juice/page rank will follow you just fine.



    I heard that pagerank starts from completely over again. Is it still the same or did they change?



    Yes you are correct nosy the technorati rank goes back to zero and the blogger starts again. One thing to keep in mind is that Technorati rank is calculated based on a sliding 180 day window. So within six months the old blog address will become a non-issue. Still, it is a painful hit if you’ve already spent six months or longer building up your Technorati rank. Here’s and interesting post and comments http://engtech.wordpress.com/2006/10/27/wordpresscom-domain-registration-from-the-users-point-of-view/


    i assumed that my page rank was following me because of this:



    Well, I can live with the Technorati ranking and the temporary drop in traffic.

    When I ping my blog from Google and Technorati, do I need to do both url’s or just my domain name from now on?



    Another thing I’ve noticed: When I upload a picture now, it assumes the domain in the URL. briansblog.net/picture_name

    However, the custom image in my header, which I have deleted and re-uploaded after applying the domain name, is still using the old aliveagain.wordpress.com url.

    I’ve heard that images loading from the old url might be slower, so am now wondering why the header image doesn’t work the same way as pictures in posts.


    the header image is handled by the wordpress backend. you could send in feedback, asking them to change the way that’s handled. although i’ve not noticed any drop in speed.

    you only want to ping from the domain that you want indexed. (so probably just your new domain name)



    I have claimed both url’s at technorati. Do I only want to claim my new domain name and ping that, or do I want to continue to ping both claimed blogs?

    This is all a little confusing for me. Sorry!



    Doesn’t Tech. have a method of combining two URLs into one? I seem to remember something about that.

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