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What else do you write?

  1. Assuming that you don't pour your entire hearts into blogging alone, what else do the users of this dandy website enjoy writing? Books? Screenplays? Ransom Notes?

    I'm interested in seeing what other ventures people on this website are undertaking. I myself can never finish writing novels, but have had some success in completing several television pilots.

    How about you guys?

  2. Post it notes.

  3. Funny, absurd bird. :)

    Aside from writing for...4 blogs (3 of them I am blogmaster), I also have a full-time job that is not blogging nor writing 100%.

    The writing during my full-time writing, is business writing: business plans, reports occasionally. Totally thrilling. ;)

    So blogging is actually my "creative" writing where I can inject abit of my own real voice.

    I gave up writing fiction decades ago. I used to write poetry.

  4. @absurdbird

    You could always say you write short autobiographical stories. Isn't that all a Post-It note really is?


    With all the writing you do I'm sure sometimes your creativity leaks into those business reports.

  5. I doodle on note pads when I am bored... I began writing a book about why I'm so filled with bitterness but never got past writing the second chapter for some reason.

  6. I'm TRYING to find a spare moment to write our journey - but time at the moment is a precious resource!

  7. aoifemcdermotdeclare

    Aside from checks to companies and taxing authorities none of which actually do anything in return, I wrote a book, "Flying Across the Sawgrass Prairie". Used to build housing for the poor, and came across some horrific abuses, among them human trafficking. You'd be surprised what goes on out in places where the law doesn't reach. So I wrote a novel with human trafficking as a sub-theme, mainly to try and get the subject on the radar screen of people who might not otherwise know such things go on in America. The book's funny--how else to get people to read about such a dreary thing? It wasn't so easy to make such a thing funny, so I just embedded it into a funny story and hoped people would notice. So far, not so much.

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