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what exactly can be used?

  1. The feature with LaTeX is great but somehow I'm constantly having troubles. For example, formulas with square brackets doesn't seem to be rendered correctly, e.g. $latex [] $. Where can I find an info on what is allowed to do within the latex environment?

  2. Did you read the FAQ on LaTeX?

    Can I put Math or Equations in my Posts?

  3. Your question prompted me to play with square brackets. And then I did something I've been meaning to do for a while: I put out a post illustrating some HTML and some latex. That post is

    In particular, I have found that I can use square brackets in latex in either of two ways.

    instead of [ stuff ], you can put curly braces around the whole thing: { [ stuff ] }

    or, just as we have \left( and \right), we we can use \left[ and \right]

    I hope this helps.

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