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What exactly can you see with sitemeter?

  1. Hi, I was wondering, before I sign up, a few things about sitemeter (free edition). What exactly can you get that blog stats don't give you? Will it be worth it in the end? Will my dashboard change in anyway (eq. Take my original blog stats away?) If I don't like it, can i delete it or leave so I'm no longer a part of site meter? Have there been any really big problems with sitemeter? I'm looking for as much information from and user of sitemeter as I can get. Thank you.


  2. It would take longer for me to type out what you get here in this comment box than it would for you to sign up and get the sitemeter running on your blog. Here's a brief overview of what you get with a free account.
    Who's On?
    Traffic Prediction
    recent visitors
    By Details
    By Referrals
    By World Map
    By Location
    By Out Clicks
    By Entry Pages
    By Exit Pages
    Current Day
    Previous 7 Days
    Previous 30 Days
    Previous 12 Months
    visits and page views
    Current Day
    Previous 7 Days
    Previous 30 Days
    Previous 12 Months
    page ranking
    Entry Pages
    Exit Pages

  3. A sitemeter is additional to the stats you already get from and does not in any way affect them. If you don't like the sitemeter you can remove it and close your free sitemeter account.

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