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what exactly does a blogroll do?

  1. I checked the faq and couldn't find anything.

  2. i dunno
    not sure

  3. Umm... thanks..

  4. The blogroll (in the dashboard at least) is a place you can put links (or even image links) so that they appear on your blog.

    Depending on your theme, you may have to add a sidebar widget.

  5. It's a list of blogs you want to link to and want your visitors to read other than yours. Hope this helps.

  6. Can anyone tell me how to post an image in a link?

  7. @ misslionheart
    What I do is host the image on an image hosting service, and then insert the tag code wherever I want it to go. If you want the image to link to somewhere specific, you replace one of the links in the tag code with the one you want to link to.
    I can't remember offhand which of the links you can replace but a little trial and error will show you which one.

  8. its just a place for you to link to people

  9. Posting a pic for a link - If you edit the link in question, you'll see an Advanced tab. If you click on that, there's a space for a URL for the image.

    Hope this helps,

  10. drmike,

    I do what you have said. But I can't see the Name. It is only the image. I want the Name of the link to appear beside the image. What do I do wrong?

  11. Nothign done wrong. It's either/or I'm afraid.

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