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What FB support is there?

  1. Apart from the 'like this page' widget, what FB support is there? I've seen other pages that can comment to fb, link post likes to fb, etc.

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  3. well it's not blog related, ut I can't edit posts anyway.

  4. We don't use the FB comments plugin at

    We DO have a FB Like and Share button in the Sharing settings.

  5. FB Like is for the FB page, but not posts. You end up with post likes split on WP and FB, rarely(never) both.

    Same with comments. And frankly, the split favors FB much more than WP. If you can even draw comments from FB into WP it'd be great.

  6. If I found that comments I'd made in FB got posted elsewhere on the web, I'd be furious. That's a privacy violation.

    If you don't want to split likes between WP and FB, take the WP likes off.

  7. You mean if you posted publicly in FB (of all places!) and that information was made public you'd be surprised that it is public?

    Or conversely, you have an expectation that public FB comments on a public FB page would be visible only to you and possibly the page owner?

    That aside, the question is why the plugins for eg fb comments isn't available to

  8. btw, anything we post on FB whether private or public is owned by FB anyway, according to their T&C.

  9. I have my FB privacy settings carefully modulated. And several court cases have decided that comments made in one place do not belong to the person on whose post that comment was made, and that moving it from one place to the other without permission is a privacy violation and may be a copyright violation as well.

    Plugins for FB comments are not available at for two reasons: one, plugins are not available at period; two, why would want to divert commenting energy from to Facebook, essentially subjugating to FB?

  10. Well I have no interest in re-reading FB's T&C, but they can use your profile pic on a dating ad... despite appearances does have paying customers, and paying customers usually choose to pay for a reason relating to features/convenience, not lack thereof.

    Will paying customers dump FB for Will they dump for FB? Will they go self hosting so they can use plugins? Will they go to blogger etc? Will G+ beat FB? Does anyone actually enjoy maintaining FB & G+ in addition to the 'real' site ( Who knows?

    Why don't you ask why give abilities to add FB plugins, essentially subjugating to FB? (I assume it's I saw, they had the WP site icon)

    I really don't care so much, I just want it to be easy to market a site, instead of having to market several.

  11. If you want to be a paying customer and market your site in that way, why don't you pay a web host? Then you can install any kind of comments you want.

  12. Now you're just being testy.

    I AM a paying customer and I chose to pay for its features/convenience. Mainly the convenience vs the DIY route.

    I've given plenty of reasons why I think some feature would be good or useful to users, and I'd welcome any input as to why it would be bad, but seems all you've given in response is along the lines of 'nah nah nah we don't wanna so there'

    You seem to think there's some legal based issue, but unless you're a lawyer and can explain why other sites can do things, it's just fluff. Most of the time people claim privacy/copyright they're wrong. But that's for another forum.

  13. I'm sure you know better than I do. Particularly the security bits. You go, girl.

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