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What file does post and page text reside in?

  1. So I'm using wordpress and I'm new to blogging. I got some errors after having created a few pages. I wasn't able to resolve the errors but I did make a backup of my website. I then deleted and reinstalled wordpress. So the errors are gone, but so are all the pages I created. I want to minimize all the re-writing I have to do, so i'm wondering, it doesnt seem like wordpress creates html files for each page you create, so where can I find the pages I created in my backup? What filenames should I be looking for? Or do I just have to do everything from scratch again.

  2. If you've installed wordpress, then you have a self hosted blog. You need to head over to for help. These forums are for blogs hosted by

    See the sticky at the top of the forums.

  3. oops, thanks, ill head on over there.

  4. No problem.

    Good luck with the blog.

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