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What formatting tags are allowed in the alternate editor?

  1. I have previously discussed an issue where my browser does not support all the features of the Visual Editor in WordPress. Today I discovered that if I turn off JavaScript, an alternate editor is activated. This alternate editor might be useful to me. However, I need to know more about it. I have discovered that various HTML tags are auto-removed (such as the line-break code). Other tags get modified --"italic" and "bold" tags become whole words inside the angle-brackets. What I want is a complete list of all the angle-bracketed formatting tags that the alternate editor allows (and what each tag is for). Thank you!
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  2. No, that doesn't answer my question. This alternate editor does not accept most normal HTML tags; it mostly uses its own special tags. For example, the HTML <i> tag becomes <italic> and the <p> tag becomes <para>, and the <br /> tag is discarded and completely ignored. If this alternate editor has some equivalent of the <br /> tag, I most certainly need to know what it is! (And I want a list of all the other tags it accepts, too.)

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