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What genre of books do young people read these days?

  1. As a fairly ancient author of books, I often wonder what sort of books young people (under say, 35) buy and read these days. For example, do they like adventure, action, historical, fiction, fact, autobiography, memoir, thriller and chic-lit, or do young people not buy books to any extent, preferring to listen to audio books or watch dvd's etc. This is a whole foreign field to me and some enlightenment would be helpful.

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  3. Sorry, I didi say I was ancient!! My blog is

  4. jammedthoughts

    I'm a sucker for Steampunk, Memoirs are always good, and I'm pretty sure that most kids my age read fiction more than anything. Also, if you're going to be publishing books and whatnot, make them available in some type of ebook format. I don't think many kids do audio books, so no sweat there.

  5. Well, it’s hard to say. Just like ‘not so young’ people who enjoy books, each and every one of them has their own preference. But surely most of them have something in common. I think the keyword in this case is ‘young’. When you’re young learning about life to find your place in this world is interesting.. soooo whatever genre you’re writing in, it is helpful if the story is meaningful/insightful. But most of all, being young is about having fun. A good sense of humor is a big plus as well. And like jammedthoughts said, we love fiction. Hope this was a little bit helpful.

  6. Two good replies, thanks. The books I write are available as ebooks and paperbacks. Interesting that you don't think audio books are taken up by young people. Any more comments from others?

  7. I enjoy all books and audio books are something that I do enjoy because I then can 'read' a book while I go about my day to day tasks like laundry, cooking, cleaning up after the family. I was brought up to enjoy all books so I don't have a particular genre that I stick too.

  8. I still prefer sitting and leafing the pages of a book rather than listening to an audio book, or watching movies. As for the genre, I'm more interested in mystery and thriller, like those of Agatha Christie and M.H. Clark, and novels about Greek mythology. :)
    Many of my college friends go ga-ga over every book that has a vampire-werewolf love story no matter how shallow it is, thanks to Twilight series. It still baffles me why, but hey, its their opinion, so what to do? :D

  9. There does seem to be a great interest in vampire stories, I can't think why, but then I have no particular interest in the subject. I note that many of the ebooks being sold on Amazon for 99c or 75p are of this genre, and sales are particularly good in the USA. Maybe I should try my hand at vampire books!

  10. If you do, could you make it more like Anne Rice instead of the Twilight series?

  11. Not to be rude at all, but I don't think many of us are waiting on another vampire-inspired story. Don't let the hype fool you! You should compare it to the Harry Potter hype, how many wizard-isnpired books after HP were succesful? You could try something as random as vampires and wizards or LOTR elves though, like... cyclopses. I dunno.

  12. I believe that most people who read stories about demons or vampires do it because it's a growing trend and not because they trully enjoy real literature.
    I'm actually a young person myself but prefer reading novels about past centuries. I like novels about slavery (odd I know), monarchy or foreign countries. I get bored with most contemporary books but I used to enjoy Agatha Christie.

    I've never tried e-books or audio books because I love paper and I'm very resistent to change. A bit old school, but I like the smell of old books and the noise from the pages I turn.

  13. Personally, in my area, people like realistic novels. Things that actually have to do with everything happening with life that nearly anyone can relate to on some level. And especially books like those with wrenching twists in them. Those books FLY off of the shelves!

  14. Thanks for your input everyone. Quite a varied taste in books, and I am pleased to read that young people are interested in books of many genres. My own books are very specialised in that they are set in West Africa during the 1960s when it was a really scary place. Whilst two of them are fiction, my memoir "The Up Country Man" does cover the Biafran war (sometimes called the Nigerian civil war) which started in 1967. Not everyone's cup of tea, but quite exciting. My reader base tends to be people over 35 and 50/50 male/female and mainly British. Perhaps this is because I am a British writer writing about an area of Africa that used to be called British West Africa. It has all gone now, of course, but my books do represent what life was like for both Africans and Europeans at that time.

  15. I would say fiction.... with lots of action. Young kids love excitement and are always curious to see what will happen next....

  16. I am fond of philosophical literature and "How-To" guides. I recently completed Camus' "The Stranger". Powerful, indeed.

  17. I'm fifteen and I personally like to read modern and post-modern literature.

    I detest vampire novels, don't really care for fantasy, and sometimes go for romance if I want something fast and easy to read.

  18. hollythestrange

    Welll I'm 16. I mostly read teen-fiction. For a while now I've been reading a lot of vamp-lit just to restore my faith in fictitious creatures of evil after reading the worst book series ever written (I don't need to say what that is.)

  19. 20,adult fanfiction,romance novels,sci fi fiction,graphic novels,werewolves,ghosts undead zombies,vampires,horror classics,stephen king,love lost and found,heartbreak and immortal couples.....basically...alot of cookbooks as well for some reason

  20. i'm 19 and i prefer to read thriller or fantasy books. i also like books which i can watch the movie to it, like harry potter, twilight or golden compass, so i could compare it with my view of this book.

  21. How about memoirs or biographies? I am thinking of those that relate to ordinary people who have achieved something special or have experienced war, flood, famine etc, rather than celebs?

  22. i am 24 and now and before I love fiction and anything what takes my liking I have a few posts on my blog which books i read (and will add more soon) I will also put on what books/ebooks i have! (if that helps)

  23. I'm 22 and I love classics; from Jane Austen to Victor Hugo to Arthur Conan Doyle. But then again I also love to read fantasy novels. Terry Pratchett makes me happy :)

  24. kcryeland, I love those!

    I'm really into memoirs and those kind of books that you a story of a real person and his/her life experience. Like you said, just ordinary people.

  25. 24: I enjoy classics (except romance) from 18th -20th century. My favourite authors are John Steinbeck and Nevil Shute.
    I also enjoy novels which philosophise about politics and society, whether it be an underlying theme of a dystopian novel, or the subject matter of a 'pamphlet' novel.

  26. kcryeland said "How about memoirs or biographies? I am thinking of those that relate to ordinary people who have achieved something special or have experienced war, flood, famine etc, rather than celebs"

    Absolutely! World War II would be quite interesting. I just finished two historical fiction books on the topic and both left me wanting more.
    Also how about yourself? Your own memoir?

  27. Well, bats0711, my own memoir is about West Africa where I lived and worked for many years.
    "The Up-Country Man" is the story a young engineer (me) who was assigned to Enugu, the capital of the troubled Eastern Region of Nigeria, in 1967. The region seceded and the short-lived Republic of Biafra was born. The story tells of all the difficulties and problems associated with living in a rebel enclave, especially when the Federal Government of Nigeria sent troops to quell the rebellion. Eventually I was evacuated by sea from Port Harcourt and that was one exciting journey too. The book is not all doom and gloom and there are many amusing passages describing the culture shock and the very different way of life in Nigeria. I managed to survive all the difficulties and was re-assigned to Ibadan in the Western Region, but that proved to be problematic too when the rebels from the east broke through Federal lines to invade the Western Region. It all turned out well in the end though, because I stayed in Nigeria for many more years and enjoyed myself thoroughly. It's the story of how an ordinary chap coped in the most extraordinary circumstances.

  28. Now THAT has to be a great read and I know where to get The Up-Country Man. I'm sorry about all the grud you had to experience but am glad you as a writer can pass the experience on.

  29. Thanks bats0711, I had a peek at your site and I must say you must have great courage to be able to discuss the subject openly as you do. People who have faced, or are facing, adversity often write well about their experiences. Perhaps you should give it a try. Good luck to you.

  30. I thank you for such kind words. And I am in the process of writing my story out slowly but surely. Hopefully I can write as intriguing as you do:)

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