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What got you into blogging?

  1. me. mm..sorta kinda naturally fell into it, whether I meant to or not. as the earliest experiences of the internet I've had were writing to so called "cyber pen pals", and posting 'cyber journals' of my school day...that was back in 1994.

    98 is when my family finally gave into the web, using AOL, I created a blog like journal using the free AOL webpage. as time went on, I would experience with angelfire, geocities, then to livejournal, xanga, greenpeace blog, and myspace.

    After trying,, google blog, my neighbor recommended wordpress, so I gave it a try, and now I'm hooked. despite some flaws, its still probably the better of any of the blogs I've used so far.

    I wonder whats next? However I'm pretty content with WordPress. actually. sorta wish I saved the blogs I posted in prior accounts, as now I really would like to create a new blog titled "previous aliases", which would include all of my blogs from all of the web sites before...but nope...I I loose.

    How bout the rest of you?

  2. I like to write and have been a journaler but it was reading blogs got me into blogging. Four years ago blogs were fascinating. Advertising either non-existent or at a minimum and I found many blogs that were worthwhile reading.

  3. I have been a long time reader of a blog, one that inspired ChicaBlog, and I thought "What the hell? I'll make one!"

  4. I was a journalist for 20 years and something of a nerd for much, much longer. So when I quit journalism to become a swineherd (okay, crofter), I wanted to keep my hand in at writing and keep playing with computers. So, blogging it was.

    Sadly, the croft keeps me so busy that my blogging is now limited to writing alone as I no longer have the time to do my own coding. And that's why I went with WordPress - you can have a slick, attractive blog with minimal effort.

  5. I have written short essays for years, some of which were published. I found, though, that without looming academic deadlines I did not write as much as I thought I wanted to. Having a blog staring at me every day is a great motivator! I became aware of blogs several years ago, but didn't have the guts to start my own until recently. I lurked on several platforms for a while, finally deciding is the coolest. And now, after a few months on my first and only blog, I still agree with that decision.

  6. I decided I wanted to have one and after several attempts with others I found wordpress and made a blog. I love writing and I am an aspiring author. I know there is none to tiny chance of my blog being seen by someone who would want to read my work and represent me, but I think having many irons in the fire may work.

    I now try to blog at least once a day. I write my blog much like I write my novels, so you never know.

  7. The chance for vast riches.

    What? What?

  8. Since I'm computer illiterate, I wanted to see if I could do it. Took many tries when I didn't know what I was doing. But throughout the years I've figured it out. . . . .somewhat.

  9. I love writing, so blogging was a natural fit for me. I get to talk about writing and topics, post reviews and other things like that. What surprised me though was the communicative nature of it. I started out writing just editorial pieces but people started commenting, and they went from there to look at my work... I've had more feedback on my work since I've been blogging than from all my publications combined. Writing these days is really about marketing yourself and the best way to do that is through word of mouth; the conversation you have with your readers plays a big part in that, something I didn't consider at the beginning. So I've already gained more from it than I expected.

  10. Good answer, cjwriter, and interesting blog, too.

    I'd like to 'to make a difference' (however small) in the world.

    For me, a blog is a way of putting ideas and experience out there for others to share. And it's the most powerful mass communication medium for the individual ever invented.

  11. holy replyness!

    it sounds like we've all become bloggers for similar reasons, why like to write.

    energetic, exactly, I'm trying to make a difference as well, however small, to the point where

    I'm often blogging about ideas that I'm trying to incorporate into my home owner association, town, and county that I belong to. or at least it seems that my blog has currently evolved to that.

    I do write about other things, whatever is on my mind, but all know already what got me into blogging.

    so yea, keep the answers coming in! its interesting to read what got us all into blogging,

  12. No, it's the money. Money! MONEY, I tell you! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    Okay, no. The fact is, real life threw me out and this is all I have left. *sob*

  13. Shhh! Don't let the cat out of the bag, Raincoaster. We're supposed to maintain a brave and united front. Even if real life left me behind years ago...

  14. The reason I got into blogging is that I am author and trying to get free advertising for your work (even when self-published) is hard to do. So I started a website for free advertising and have gotten wonderful results. Blogging is a great way to get my information out there and find it in the search engines for free. Is seems that free advertising is hard to get. Even the writers' forums have search engines so I joined various forums for blogging and submitting samples of my work. All of it is a struggle to get your own work public. I like to let people know about me as an author. I have been writing since 1986 when my father passed away (excluding what I wrote in high school). I was born in Bar Harbor, Maine (a large tourist town in Maine) and raised in Jonesboro, Maine. I am a stay at home mom with an 18 year old yee hah! So I write most everyday. My book Anastasia's Mind Fog and Short Stories came to me in the form of journaling through poetry and then sitting down to write some short stories some fiction and some non-fiction. I am currently co-authoring Murder in a Small Town with Theodocia McLean, another author (of 7 books) and hope to be doing the same with several of my other short stories. So I guess this is how I came into blogging. Saw this site in a search engine of a friend who is a publisher who lists her authors books (and her own) on our website. I am at if anyone wishes to contact me. I am open to networking as much as possible so anybody into networking is welcome to contact me here. Looking for friends from everywhere imaginable. The UK has offered quite a few friends. Australia as well. Well I think that's enough information to tell you how I came into blogging. Thanks. Anastasia.

  15. real life? what's that?

  16. The basic reason: to share and show off. :D
    The more complex reason: I wanted a place to display my pixel dolls, creative stuff, and whatever else. My brother-in-law advised me that a blog might be less of a hassle for me than a regular website. I don't know if it is or isn't, but blogging seems to work for me.

  17. "I've Got Nowhere Else To Go!" Sort of something like that. I didn't choose my subject, it was there calling me like people who climb mountains, raft thousands of miles, eat 45 hot dogs in one sitting, was time.

  18. thereflectiveteacher

    Because secretly, deep within yourself, you're actually interested in what goes on inside an English class for 8th graders.

  19. I like to write. it's about as simple as that! hehe. :)

  20. I've always loved to write and critically analyze; however, saving a word file on a computer with no one but my disheartened friends to read has made my work empty. So I've decided to join the blogging community in hopes of being critiqued and understand some other perspectives.
    Its also very fun, and thrilling. I'm going to be doing it anyways, I may as well develop conversation as I do.

    The themes also, they just look so beautiful.

    As well I want to meet some like minded individuals to get to know from around the world. I'm not really into pen paling, so hopefully this will work out better.

    Lastly, I'm in university and if I'm filling my head, and RAM, with their information I want to balance it with other perspectives.

    Pretty much just looking for an outlet and responses.

  21. I love writing, first and foremost, and I'm very conversational by nature. Apart from that, I have a passion for horse racing that others have told me I need to share with the rest of the world. I consider that sport to be one of the best kept secrets (considering the average person on the street knows far more about other sports) in the world. I like making predictions, I like the thrill of wagering, and certain horses touch my soul in an extremely moving way.

    I guess using the parlance of our time (gratuitous Lebowski reference), I'm just "spreadin' the love."

  22. I started writing my sexiness- and sex-based blog after becoming a lot more confident with my sexuality thanks to my boyfriend, reading all sorts of sex-related things online, relishing the chance to experiment and finally reading, which I'm addicted to, despite the fact that we don't always agree. I've always loved to write and I feel we should be able to talk about kink in an open way, so I started my blog!

  23. i was sick and tired of seeing other people's stuff allover the net. and wondered why i don't have anything in cyberspace. like, why i don't use the net more actively - except just to email and browse.

    ah, the power to publish!
    feels great! :D

  24. This did: Kill Buss

    Sheer satirical brilliance, and sports. My favourite combination.

  25. How much space is there for my reply?!

    Simple answer: Boredom.

    Long answer: Boredom, wanting to improve my English and the best way to keep real life friends all over the world updated. I had multiple blogs, then blogs with long breaks until I moved to wordpress a year or so ago.

    Since then my personal blog has changed a little and I blog about a variety of things. Somethign I'm sure doesn't go well together, but it's my blog, so there!

    A slightly related post: Has blogging changed me?

  26. Not sure if anyone actually clicked the link to Kill Buss, but do so. Very clever.

  27. I read it, but I have no idea who any of the people bar the actors are so I guess most of the post is lost on me! :)

  28. O_o

  29. I used to write all the time...essays, short fictions, journals... Kind of fell out of it. I do enjoy writing and I think blogging is a good way to get back into it. I'm not out there for networking or advertising. I just like to play around on the computer. =]

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