What guarantee that WP will be here for years to come?

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    My blog is a cooking, travel, family blog full of photos and of where we have been, stuff about the Netherlands / New Zealand and favourite recipes etc.

    I write because I love to write and take photos, but also to serve as an aid to readers and eventually as a kind of journal for my kids, and I post daily.

    Hubby asked a question that I hadn’t thought of but would love an answer to please:

    What guarantees are there that WordPress will be here in 20 years time? will this info be permanent? I’m storing a VAST amount of information here, will it still be here for my kids and grandkids if I keep blogging???

    Will they be able to see my posts from today, not just in a months time but also in 30 years???
    Does WordPress back up all our info? (with all the millions of bloggers on here, how is backup possible?)

    Should I be making my own backups as well?

    Many Thanks!!!!

    The blog I need help with is kiwidutch.wordpress.com.



    Yes, wordpress.com does have backups of our data. It even has redundant backups on multiple servers. Yes, you can export your blog contents out Tools> Export and save the files on your own computer periodically, if you wish to do that. This post contains several methods of backing up your own data > http://onecoolsitebloggingtips.com/2007/10/27/disaster-planning-backups-for-bloggers/



    Answers to your questions:

    What guarantees are there that WordPress will be here in 20 years time?

    Answer: There are no guarantees any company will exist forever but you already know that right?

    … will it still be here for my kids and grandkids if I keep blogging? Will they be able to see my posts from today, not just in a months time but also in 30 years?

    Answer: What do you mean by “here”? Everything we blog is indexed and is in Google’s cache and then goes to the waybackmachine. For as long as the internet exists your content can be found there, even if wordpress.com were to cease to exist.

    I do make by own backups but you used the word “should” which is a mandatory or compelling word. I don’t use it. You “could” choose to make your own backups if you feel doing so will give you peace of mind and I have provided several ways to do that in the post I linked to above.

    I hope this helps and wish you happy blogging. :)



    No site can be guaranteed to exist in 20 years. Just make your own backups if you really want to be sure that your posts don’t disappear.



    Absolutely. It’s up to you to back up your blog’s contents; WP does this, but WP might be sold to Darth Vader tomorrow and who knows what happens then? It’s your content: OWN it.



    …listen to the ghosts of Geocities.


    You could also have mirror sites on other blogging platforms. Blogger, Typepad etc. But remember to set them to “not public” and “no indexing by search engines”. Google will punish you hard for having 2 or 3 identical sites (blogs) running. And your stats will show that.

    But it is possible to host safety copies that way.



    That’s smart advice. If I’d done that in 2002 I Never would have lost 400,000 words of my first blog when the servers melted.



    Thanks people!
    brilliant advice…
    Yes naturally I realise that there are no guarantees that things
    will exist in 20 years etc, but ideas like running a mirror site
    and the backup link are excellent tips.
    As Hubby said, it’s a lot of work to go down the plug hole if a
    server mealted, Raincoaster I feel your pain, even the thought
    of it is painful.

    I’ll be backing up for sure so that I can
    have piece of mind !

    Thanks again!!



    One thing that gives us security is that the wordpress software is open source. If you back up your site then if WP.ORG folded tomorrow you could open a self-hosted site and load the blog there. I suspect that in the unlikely event of this happening there would be many other sites offering to import and continue your blog.


    @ raincoaster: can’t you find your lost posts at the WayBackMachine? Usually everything is there. You’ll need to post your (old) url into the search at their site. Pics might have gone missing, though…


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