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What happened? the layout is messy...

  1. zhenyakanaevagymnasium

    Hi All,

    I just find my blog shows strange, such as my this page
    The layout is totally messy right now...
    this is the dashboard of this page
    All the pic should be very small to match the colum and then click to open the big size
    But why it becomes like this??? It goes well before...Is there something change and I don't know??

    Thanks and sorry for my english

    The blog I need help with is

  2. There has been an issue affecting images. I will flag this thread for Staff attention.

  3. zhenyakanaevagymnasium

    timethief, Thank you very much!!!

  4. I do apologize about this. We're currently looking into the issue.

  5. We have tracked down and squashed the offending bug, so everything should be functioning properly now.

    Please let us know if you run into any more trouble!

  6. zhenyakanaevagymnasium

    macmanx, thank you very much!!! now everything is fine :)

  7. You're welcome!

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