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What happened to all my FaceBook followers???

  1. I had 300+ followers including FaceBook (Publicize). Now I only have 16 followers. What happened to the FaceBook followers?
    Blog url:

  2. Yes. I have the same problem today. I had over 2000 followers with Twitter and Facebook connections included yesterday. This morning they were missing.

    In the SHARING section it shows that they're all still connected (green dots!). Publicize indicates they're all still connected, but on the stats page Followers only lists actual blog or comment followers, not the Twitter, FB, etc followers that Sharing/Publicize indicate are still there.

    I didn't do anything. What happened? I feel friendless! ;-P

  3. Refresh the connection with Facebook.
    Settings > Sharing > Facebook.

  4. All was refreshed. Everything shows as property connected/linked.

    Earlier in the week, it was publishing FOUR times to FB whenever I posted, and I had to delete 3 notices. Something VERY weird is happening between WordPress and FB at the moment.

  5. Are you still facing the problem after reconnecting?

  6. I also had the same problem, then I came here to the forums to find out why. I went into Settings>Sharing>Facebook>set options>save>save. And now all FB followers are added to the blog. Thanks!

  7. Cheers :) Good to know that.

  8. dutchgoesitalian

    I have the same problem. But I have 530 followers less than yesterday and those are not all from FB. Will this help anyway?

  9. dutchgoesitalian

    I've tried as you all said, but I only have my FB, Twitter and LinkedIn followers back. 581 in total. Where are my other 154 followers? I had 735 yesterday.
    Any help is highly appreciated!! Thanks.

  10. THANK YOU, isadz! That worked!!!

  11. I don't know why you all people are cautious for followers. In fact fake followers. WordPress shows your Facebook friends as followers. I have never defended this idea. However Settings > Sharing > Reconnect Facebook solves the issue.
    The difference in number may be due to connecting to a different profile/page.

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