What happened to all the free custom header templates?!

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    It’s a while since I set up a new blog with WordPress- what happened to all the free themes with customisable headers? Every time I click the details and theme says ‘customisable header’ and I go to it it then says you have to pay for the theme to ge the option…When I first blogged with WordPress there were a good range of free themes with customisable headers to choose from.

    Not very impressed. I might have to move to blogger…. :(

    The blog I need help with is mydayswithcancer.wordpress.com.



    They’re almost all still here; very few themes are deleted or removed. The super-snazzy ones are, yes, premium themes, but I believe you can use the theme search filter to search for free themes only.


    What the heck is the theme search filter?



    Appearance > Themes: there’s a “Feature Filter” link right next to the Search tab. You click the link, check “Custom Header”, click Apply Filters. All the themes that will show up allow you to add a header image – for free, if there’s no “Premium” next to the theme name.

    Same thing in the Theme Showcase site:
    You click Find a Theme, click Features, etc.

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