What happened to automatic notifications of replies to comments I've made?

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    I used to get automatic noticfications of replies to comments I’d left on other sites, now I have to go into Comments I’ve Made. Major pain to keep a thread running when you have to shuttle back and forth

    The blog I need help with is nobodysreadingme.wordpress.com.



    My notifications stopped too. My older notifications even got deleted from the notifications bar(that orange thing).
    I used to get notifications from replies to my comments on other wordpress sites. Some don’t even appear in my ‘comments I’ve made’ section.
    I’ve tried it in multiple browsers but the problem still occured.
    I’ve checked if I was logged in when I posted the comment, I was logged in. So it should be possible for WordPress to notify me of any replies. Going into the comments I’ve made section isn’t the most clear way of viewing new replies.


    I noticed that I’ll get a push notification from my iphone app but when I go into the notification section of the app the reply to my comment isn’t there, likewise on the wordpress site so I have to go into “Comments I’ve Made” on the dashboard


    Putting my hand up too..!
    I’m not receiving notifications of replies to my comments..
    Please help.. and Thank You in advance…



    Have you searched the forum? I believe I saw another thread tagged for Staff on this same issue but I don’t have time to locate it for you right now.



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