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What happened to Bare Naked Islam??

  1. I care. I'm having a blast, actually.


  2. You really need to be contacting WordPress support rather than pointlessly ranting on the Off Topic forum where staff barely visit. None of us on this forum care your blog was deleted so take your stupid whining elsewhere.

    And what makes you think people aren't? Nothing against the ToS about complaining in the forums, yet.

  3. The site in question was suspended for a violation of the Terms of Service. Out of respect for the privacy of our users we do not discuss the specifics of blog suspensions on our service.

    We investigate all reports of abuse on The number of reports or the source of those reports have no bearing on the results of our investigations.

  4. It's really hard to form an opinion of BNI without having read the site.

    But the extremist, bigoted, racist views expressed here give a good idea of the kind of whacko it attracted.

    Gleaned from the sickening streak of hate this thread contains:

    There is no such thing as a moderate Muslim.

    Such lies!

    I live an work with Muslim people, and find them solid, upstanding people who wish the world no harm.

    There are extremists everywhere. They're the problem, not average Muslims.

  5. We stand with you BARENAKEDISLAM. You know the enemy and are not afraid to identify it. What Islam fears the most is exposure to the light. Best wishes in finding a decent host.

  6. What you extremists fail to realise and hope the rest of us will ignore is the fact that 99.99% of all Muslims, Jews, Christians, Buddhists and others just want to get on with the daily business of getting through life without harming other people. You can hang on to your hatreds all your like and hope you'll attract more followers by spreading more lies, but you can't accept that basic fact.

  7. You know, Google Cache is very revealing.

  8. I did try to write to customer support but they are on a break, that's the reason for posting in a forum... And if you would take the time to read the quaran, you would understand the reasons for exposing islam and the followers... You say there are normal moslems??? what is normal about worshipping a pedophile, adulterer, and murder who calls for the death of anyone who is not willing to convert??? Excuse me, but one needs to research and find out the facts about that horrible political party...

    If "moderate" moslems are so wonderful, why aren't we hearing them loudly denounce Hamas, Hezbullah, and Sharia Law???? When I start hearing their voices, then I will believe there is such a thing as a "moderate"... Until then... they all worship the same pedophile who calls for my death....

    And shame on WordPress for not allowing the facts to be presented... Can anyone prove the facts wrong??? No, just censor to please the extremists....

  9. And now I am cancelling my membership to this site... When freedom of speech is stolen because you are afraid of the extremists, I no longer have the desire to read or subscribe to anything on this site.. What's the point if the only thing you allow is what you, yourself agree with? Shame shame shame....

  10. @lettershometoyou,by god you are a fool !

    You CLEARLY know nothing of Islamic history,the Qur'an or Hadith you odious
    little man.Still you have some "Muslim's who you work with",so you must know
    everything about Islamic doctrine?

    You dangerous left wing idiot.

  11. @ardpete,given that all the posts here ARE about BNI perhaps it is you that should
    sod off and stop "whining".

  12. @markel,please don't try to paint us a pretty picture of your actions.
    You are moral cowards who caved in to CAIR and Shariah law,there for all to see !

    Lie to yourselves but not to the world.

  13. @raintstein,we in the UK are behind you and BNI a 100%.

    We are the EDL and we are NOT happy !

  14. English Defense League ahhhhh ha ha ha ha ha. What a bunch of pointless pricks you lot are.

  15. Now that we have descended into pointless name-calling I am closing this thread.

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