what happened to "Choose a Featured Image" tool?

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    what happened to “Choose a Featured Image” tool, why don’t you leave things the way they are for once? Now I can’t properly upload pictures ( i have to do copy and paste) and when I do it i can’t see them on the preview after that.

    The blog I need help with is prossimamenteneicinema.wordpress.com.



    i have the same issue with my blog. Theme is Grisaille; after uploading a photo, i can’t find the way to insert it as a feature image as it was very simple before, now the interface is not intuitive at all.
    my blog is http://bustedqueenstown.com



    what shall we do now? isn’t there anybody from wordpress able to help out?


    What are you talking about? There’s a “Set featured image” tab in the Featured Image module of the post editor, as before, and there’s a “Set featured image” tab when you click the Add Media button and upload an image from your computer or select an image from your media library, as before – the only differences are minor changes in the wording.



    yes, but it wasn’t working the same way of before, anyway i just found out that using the upload buttom it works just fine again, but it didn’t as soon as they implemented the new way.

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