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What happened to "Clicks"

  1. That was it! What happened to CLICKS in the blog stats? Is it fine with everyone? Apparently mine are not working properly for the last 2-3 days. It shows only some interior links (within the blog itself) but not the outgoing ones.
    Not that I'm obsessively interested in checking the outgoing links but I like everything work perfectly. I'd like to know if it's a problem with everyone or just me?


  2. Um, do you not see the sticky at the head of the forums about a "stats problem"?

  3. sorry, I saw it but actually read just the announcement which said something like our own visits are being counted. So I thought this was something else. now I saw that people talked about clicks issue in the replies. sorry again :)

  4. Not a problem. :)

    All of that data comes out of the stat program here.

  5. I wonder if we're going to get retroactive info on our outgoing clicks for these days they are down. I Guess it's a long shot...

  6. I believe that topic was covered in the other thread.

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