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What happened to custom fields?

  1. Are there any plans of bringing back the custom field option?

  2. I imagine that the applications for custom fields in this environment are fairly limited. About all you could really use them for is mood and music information, and that's easy enough to incorporate in the body of the post.

    If enough people ask for it you might get it, but I wouldn't hold your breath.

  3. gardenbloggers

    The theme I chose, Fauna, uses custom fields like this. "Fauna supports an easy way to add content to your sidebar. Simply add a Custom Field with the key sidebar, and type in the value field to your hearts content. "

    Which is exactly what I wanted to do on a blog I'm building for someone else. I'm obviously using an older version of WordPress 2.2.1 on my regular blog--so I was pretty freaked to find that custom fields no long exist.

  4. @gardenbloggers
    It sounds like you're using software, whereas what we have here is - a multi-user platform that uses different software. Check out this thread for information on the differences.

    Custom fields are available to those using software (ie self-hosted), but not to us here at

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