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What happened to my blog?

  1. What happened to the layout of my blog?

    I haven't changed anything, but suddenly the format is all wonky. Help, please?


  2. I noticed today that mine was different too. The calendar was gone but recent comments was added. They were working on it yesterday. So maybe that's it. I just went to my Presentation and made it the way it used to be. It might take a few minutes to show up.

  3. Mine is unreadable. How do I fix it?

  4. some display errors with mine, especially for those Chinese words,

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  5. I'm using Regulus 2.1.1 as my theme, and my calendar is a little confused. The last column, Saturday, is missing. When a go to the Preview podt, it appears correctly. Using Firefox...

  6. Evidently it's my home page that's messed up. If you click on the individual entries, they're fine.

    Anybody from wordpress around?

  7. Planetpook, you have a post somewhere that has an open html tag in it. This has been covered *MANY* times in these forums. You'll note that your sidebar is at the bottom of your home page. I've added the sidebar tag to this thread. You can click through that to read some of the threads for a solution or you can find one here. I politly suggest turning off TinyMCE as it's probably messing your code up or you're not checking it before posting. There's also a suggestion in that thread about previewing all posts before posting that seems to work for people.

    Good luck,

  8. drmike, thank you for pointing me in the right direction -- I'll go look.

    I did preview and it was fine when I posted. It was a couple of days later that it popped out of format, and I hadn't done anything to change it.

    My individual posts are fine. It's the home page that isn't.

    Does this still sound like what you're assuming it is, if it was okay when posted and changed a couple of days later?

  9. PS. I don't even know what TinyMCE is. Where is it, and where do I turn it off?

  10. Dashboard -> Users -> Your Profile -> Uncheck the boxed labeled "Use the visual rich editor when writing" and click on "Update Profile."

    Your individual posts on their own pages look fine because they don't have a sidebar. There's nothing to shove down to the bottom.

  11. There's also the fact that some people see it with no problem and others don't. I'll go change that on my Dashboard -- thanks!

  12. DrMike -- it's already unchecked. It has never been checked.

  13. Okay, let me start out for apologizing for asking these questions which have evidently already been answered -- but I am totally clueless. Your answers generally mean little or nothing to me without explanation and I don't even know enough about what is wrong to search for an answer. Unless I should have searched for the word "wonky" since that is the extent of my understanding about what is happening.

    The only things in my sidebar are widgets I imported and I don't know how to fix something that might be wrong. (I repeat, if it's a sidebar problem it sprung up on its own because it has been working perfectly ever since I started this blog, and I didn't touch the blog for several days last week. The problem occurred during the time period when I didn't change anything.)

    It wasn't the TinyMCE because that was unchecked.

    I'm not sure what else I'm supposed to look for.

    For the record --

    On a Mac, it looks great. On my Dell Laptop, it starts off fine then "jumps" to where the text is in the blue border on the left and the sidebar at the bottom.

    The feedback I'm getting is that people on Macs can see it, people using PCs and Firefox can see it, people using PCs and IE can't.

    Does the fact that this change happened when I hadn't changed anything on my blog mean anything at all, or am I still supposed to be looking for open tags somewhere?

  14. Clarificaton -- all of my widgets are WordPress widgets. I didn't import them from elsewhere.

  15. (Posted on your blog as well, just in case...)

    Looks ok on Firefox to me, very bad in IE, this on the same machine.

    IE gives an error saying that 'delicious is undefinded', you may want to look for that particular word and check the post where you wrote it for anything obvious.

    One shot in the dark: go to dashboard -> options -> writing. Is "WordPress should correct invalidly nested XHTML automatically" checked. Mine is, and I got bunch of warnings a while back, but no major format issues.

    Last idea: change themes to see if it makes a difference, just to make sure it's not theme-specific.

    Hope this helps...

  16. Thank you. I'll try those!

  17. The problem seems to be only for people using IE.

    And it's only a problem with Sapphire.

    I've changed templates (regretfully) but really am perplexed, wondering what happened to change it, since it was working fine and then suddenly went wonky.

    Thanks a lot for checking, oclcyc.

    If anybody else has a suggestion I'd be happy to try something else to get Sapphire back!

  18. The delicious error is a different error. (Sorry that you don't believe me when I tell you whats causing the issue. Its been discussed many times here in these forums.) You just haven't filled in the information for the widget. I just confirmed that on my test blog. (I have no idea who nedward is. Just a random pick) I got the error when I added in the empty widget. The error went away when i filled out the widget.

  19. I removed the delicious widget from my sidebar just in case -- so it shouldn't be causing a problem any more.

  20. No, the javascript error has gone away now. If you want it back though, just fill out the widget with the necessary information.

  21. drmike, it's not that I don't believe you. It's that I THINK I've double-checked on everything that has been suggested and have yet to find the problem. If I've missed something, I'm sure it's my own inadequacies, not anything you have done wrong.

    I beg your patience -- what am I missing here?

  22. The issue is you have a post or posts that have messed up html code. When you look at your home page, you'll see that the sidebar is to the bottom of the page. The normal page is a two column page and having the missing tag (whatever it is) is forceing the left column to overpower the right colum. Your individual post pages look fine because there's no sidebar to get in the way. Since there's no right column, the left column can take up the entire width of the theme. (Please note that that's the author of the Regius theme in that one)

    Now it could also be a picture throwing your layout off but I didn't see any pics causing any problems.

    I'm afraid that you're just either going to have to manually check each post for stray tags or do the "set each post to draft one at a time" suggestion I linked to above, double check your blog and see which post is throwing it off.

    Good luck,

  23. Unfortunely, I'm on a locked down terminal so I can't install anyting to double check for missing tags here. Sorry.

  24. Okay, begging your patience one more time --

    You're saying that even though I don't have this problem in any template other than Sapphire, I still need to search for open tags? I assumed when changing templates "fixed" the prob, that meant it wasn't open tags. (That plus the fact that the blog looked fine one day, and a couple of days later didn't, even though I hadn't posted anything new.)

  25. Maybe you could set your blog to show only a couple of posts per page, go back to the old theme and see which page breaks.

    That may narrow down the culprits. drmike, would that help?

  26. That sounds like a good idea. I'm willing. (Where do I change it to show only a couple of posts per page?)

  27. Oh, I found it. I tried it but then realized it didn't help because once I leave the first page, it isn't broken.

    Thanks, anyway!

  28. Still, adding a couple of posts at a time may pinpoint the cuplrit, no? As soon as the first page breaks, there it is...

  29. Would removing posts one at a time accomplish the same thing? I've removed several posts -- going back to before the problem manifested itself -- and even after removing them, I still have that problem with Sapphire.

    Perhaps I'm incredibly dense (okay, I am) but I still can't see how it could be an open tag if at first it posted fine, stayed fine for days, and suddenly changed when I hadn't added any new posts.

    Now I've removed all recent posts and two extras -- going back to several days and two posts prior to any problems, and the problem is still there.

    Is it actually possible that an open tag in an earlier post could have waited days or weeks to suddenly create a problem?

    Note: I also removed some sidebar widgets, to no avail.

  30. A good method to check for incorrect/unclosed tags is the HTML Validator. This will give feedback on where the problems are.

    Obviously, any errors in the themes (if any) you will be stuck with, but it will be possible to find those in your own posts, which may be the problem.

    The ones currently showing up are caused by incorrectly nested tags in your latest post (i.e. [p][em]text[/p][p]text[/em][/p]) which, while incorrect, wont produce the dramatic effects you're reporting.

    Try it with the old theme put back on & see what you get. If you need help, don't hesitate to ask.

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