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what happened to my blog?

  1. I noticed something new in the last few days: a bar at the bottom with a link to my blog on the left and the theme I am using on the right. I see these bars in other places too (tripadvisor is the only one that comes to mind at the moment) and they give you the option of clicking on an X to remove it from view. I am not finding that X here. Is that something that will be added?

    Also, everything on my right-hand side is now gone???? My categories, my tags, my recent posts, etc. None of that shows up any more? Did the system burp and all will be seen maybe later today?? I know I didn't do anything to cause that as I haven't touched that area since adding the flag counter (of people's countries who visit my blog).

    Please advise as soon as you can.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. @justpi

    re: infinite scrolling

    interesting - i have the opposite issue
    my blog theme only displays a few articles
    with no way of browsing backwards in time
    except via the archives i've added to the sidebar

    any chance you know why i don't have infinite scrolling ?

  3. @helenyung: Not without a link to the blog in question.

  4. I located the blog and it's wearing the Oxygen theme and that theme does have infinite scroll. if you have footer widgets then that's what's preventing it. See here >

  5. can someone tell me how this change happened? I don't recall even going into my widgets in the last week. so, did wordpress "burp" or something? (for lack of a better word)


  6. is on continous roll-out and that means many changes to code are made each and every day. Did you use the information ate the links justpi provided above?

  7. I was just starting to, okay. gotcha! thanks for the help!! appreciate it greatly.

  8. so I am getting nowhere fast. I don't have an option in theme 2011 to turn on or off infinite scrolling. Here is what I see when I go to settings, reading:

    "To infinity and beyond We've disabled this option for you since you have footer widgets in Appearance → Widgets."

    next, I changed my theme to Bueno, one mentioned to try in the "disabling infinite scroll" post linked above. but now it doesn't even show my most recent post. Instead it's got one from 5/28??

    can someone please help? I might try another theme in the mean time.

    thank you.

  9. also, both Bueno and koi show my sidebar at the bottom :(


    thanks for any help.

  10. When you get the notice "To infinity and beyond We've disabled this option for you since you have footer widgets in Appearance → Widgets." you can set the number of posts you want on the front page. How many do you have displayed?

  11. I had an infinite number of posts displayed, that's what is so confusing.

    so, now I found another theme that shows my sidebar like I had it in 2011. except....with one scroll downwards the sidebar stuff there ('blogs that I follow", etc) is overlapping with pics from another post??

    my, my, my, I am having such fun huh? :D

    thanks for all the help. I do kinda like this new theme, it's Coraline. so if I can fix this one to work with the sidebar looking normal, all the better.

  12. this is extremely frustrating....but I am persisting!!

    just noticed that when I open a post with my new Coraline theme that the sidebar displays perfectly in there. but when I go to my home page, only 3 show normally. Is there any way to get it to look like when viewing a post with the sidebar showing everything? (like it was in 2011)

  13. The issue is, you have stuff in your content column that is too wide for Coraline. You need to either narrow the pictures etc down or choose a wider theme.

  14. oh boy, the fun never stops. guess I need to play with a few more themes. thank you.

  15. @tobyo60: I've answered from the start but you didn't pay attention. You have an extra closing div tag that's messing the layout of your main page. You need to do what's explained in the post I linked to:

  16. I'm sorry justpi....I am just a lowly new blogger and honestly? I am having second thoughts about blogging here if these kinds of changes happen without my knowledge until I am glancing at my blog and wow, what the heck happened???(not to mention being scolded coming here asking for help...this is the second time that's happened). It was hard for me to sort out exactly what was wrong at the get-go. and reading through all the links here, well, it was a bit overwhelming. I had no idea, for example, how to fix the number of posts that appear on the front page. It appeared that I had infinite scrolling but I guess I didn't?

    can you kind of see where I am coming from now? can I switch back to the 2011 theme and just fix the number of posts that appear on the front page? All I wanted was for my sidebar to show up on the right like it did before.

    I actually came here to look for and then read your commentary about wordpress. I think it was your commentary that you linked to in one of your links up there.

    thanks for the help even if you think I wasn't paying attention. gadzooks. I wonder if blogspot does things like making mass changes to blogs without people being aware of them........

  17. and now, re-reading.....I remembered what happened. I came upon this sentence: "If a solitary div tag is accidentally introduced somewhere in a post or in a text widget" and I thought "that couldn't have happened" but I did try this in section A:

    1) go to Settings > Writing: tick the option “WordPress should correct invalidly nested XHTML automatically”, click Save Changes;

    and that did nothing. and since I had no idea that I could set the number of posts that display on the front page(still don't know how to fix that) and my blog was still messed up, I started playing with other themes. and,well, here I am.....heavy sigh......

  18. so I found this:

    and in there I found: "This extra code is normally added when any content is pasted from another web page, source, or program. The most common culprits are Microsoft Word and Open Office, which will both add extra HTML tags to any pasted content."

    I read this and remembered the last time that I pasted anything into a post was from June 6:

    so it took 12 days for the "div" issue to appear?? This makes absolutely no sense at all. and I am even more confused.

    signed, the lowly ignorant blogger trying to fix her blog :(

  19. Can someone please help? I would like to use the 2011 theme, I have another one up right now so that my blog didn't look strange. I just did a live preview of 2011 and it still has the sidebar issue.

    what I would like to know is how to set the number of posts that appear on my home page based on what raincoaster wrote above. I "think" that was my original issue. I really don't think I have the "div" issue based on my research in the post just above this one.

    Please help.....thank you.

  20. Hi Toby,
    I'm sorry you're having problems with the themes. I think if you use twenty eleven theme, you will have to remove any footer widgets to get infinite scrolling. I'm not sure if this will replace your sidebar widgets that you mentioned disappearing earlier in this thread.
    Also, make sure that you are on your main page and have not opened just one post in a separate page.
    Good luck, I hope you have better luck!

  21. @tobyo60

    I just did a live preview of 2011 and it still has the sidebar issue.

    It's important to understand how Twenty Eleven has been designed. There is no sidebar on single posts in that theme.
    Staff have been introducing "infinite" scroll to themes -- a site wide change. See here for infinite scroll themes updates. See 3 (a,b,c) for Disabling Infinite Scroll on your Blog
    For other sidebar issues see here >

  22. thank you both for your replies. It looks like I need to find another theme that will work for me. but is there someone that can tell me how I reduce the number of posts (after removing infinite scrolling that is...) on my home page? I didn't realize I could change that and I'd really like to shorten mine.

    on another note...I had the sidebar on my home page and not within each individual post. but I am resigned to finding a new theme. harumpf. ah well, a "learning opportunity" no? :)

    thanks again. appreciate it!!

  23. um, I am back already. I saw that "one cool site" was using a theme that has sidebars so I found it and did the live preview and guess what? My sidebar is all the way at the bottom still!! so am I back to the "div" thing then? It just doesn't make sense to me based on what I wrote above. the timing is weird.

    so...I am still in need of help. btw, I did look at the HTML of the one recent post (on 6/6) where I pasted something and did not see and stray "div" anywhere.


  24. oh my. I just looked again and DID find a stray "div" and removed it and wow, color me exhausted!!

    you can call this one resolved now. thanks!!

  25. maybe I'll start another thread for my other question....setting the number of posts....I did do a search and didn't get anywhere.

  26. figured out how to set the number of posts. so this topic can be closed now. thank you.

  27. @timethief thanks - i checked and don't have any footer widgets active. also tried unchecking and re-checking the enable/disable toggle for infinite scroll under settings. still not getting infinite scroll or even the "click to load more" option...

    any other ideas?

    btw do the images on my site load ok for you? i'm in france right now and this is the second day that the images seem broken (are not loading). i'm seeing photos fine on other sites so i don't understand....

  28. @timethief eep! so sorry - for some reason i didn't get an email notification of your reply here (


    so you're saying my images are appearing broken periodically because of the continuous rollout of updates? (that can't be right... is it?)

  29. so since this thread is still open....just a curiosity.

    Do you think it was the update for the infinite scroll on the 2011 theme that caused that darn "div" thing to appear in the HTML of a post from 12 days prior to my blog looking strange?? I'm still bugged by the timing of this and wondered if anyone has any input on that. I am of course assuming that update to the 2011 theme happened on or about 6/18/12 because every time prior to that my blog looked fine.

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