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what happened to my blog?

  1. Infinite scroll only allowed that spare tag to mess up an infinite number of your posts. These errors are cumulative, and the more posts there are, the worse things are going to be. That is why the error showed up then.

    In all the instructions to fix that error, selecting "WP should correct invalidly nested XHTML" is only HALF the solution; the other half is to edit posts until the error is fixed. You didn't do that part, or the problem would have been solved way back at the beginning.

  2. Infinite scrol was introduced on Twenty Ten and Twenty Eleven on Feb 8, 2012

  3. @helenyung: You're getting no infinite scroll because you've set the showcase template as your front. Infinite scrolling works on a regular posts page only.

  4. I think I did do that part because as soon as I removed the div the sidebar was back where it belonged. you're right that I did not remove the div in the beginning because I did not see it. it wasn't until I had a new theme up that I went back to the most recent post that I copied/pasted in and looked at the HTML tab and THEN I saw the div. could be I was just tired looking at the HTML while in the other theme. I won't know and it no longer matters. It appears to be fixed now. It just seem so strange that 12 days after my post with the copy/paste is when the problem started.

    oh well. I guess it's a dead horse now. appreciate the help and very curious that it was back in February they changed that theme. funny, it was the very next day that I started my blog here. this will just remain a curiosity I guess. thanks all!! appreciate it.

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