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What happened to my followers?

  1. ladyinthehouse

    Hello! I am stumped:)

    As of yesterday, I used to have 279 as the number next to followers. Now I have 10:( What just happened? And how can it be fixed? I don't want numbers to hurt me. The goal is to gain readers, not lose them.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. It happens the same to me. I lost all my followers from Facebook an Twiter. I checked connections to both companies and it semms to be connected and OK. What is going on? Thanks

  3. Hello, same problem on my blog. I lost 80 followers today, all of a sudden ! I am still connected to Facebook.
    Is it a bug ? Does anyone know how to fix this problem ?
    Thanks !

  4. Once you either disconnect/reconnect those services, or publish something on your blog and Publicize it out to them, your numbers will refresh.

  5. Thank you beau, you saved my day...! This is wonderful, it worked.
    It may sound totally stupid but I am happy, just for that reason !

  6. Does anybody know why is this happening? Is it some kind of bug?

  7. I always read sticky posts at the head of the forum like this one. Publicize Follower Counts not showing, or showing incorrectly

  8. ladyinthehouse

    A beautiful thing!! Thank you kindly, Beau:) I truly appreciate your promptness to this matter. It is nice to know I don't stink after all. The problem was corrected via your quick instruction.


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