What happened to my homepage???

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    It has been working beautifully for months… and all of the sudden today only two of my recent posts are showing up on my home page and my sidebar got scrambled and moved to the bottom of the home page. Is there a fix for it???

    The other pages on the site are working just fine….

    I haven’t a clue what is happening. Does anyone have any viable suggestions????




    Difficult to say without a link to your blog…



    Yup, no blog under that username. Need a link please along with what browser and version that you’re using.



    ooops… sorry… thought it would automatically put it there …




    Wow, that’s bizarre. And on the top, the Domestic Violence page tab is hidden behind your search box. I have not seen anything like that before.

    What browser and version are you using? Like, IE 6 or what.

    I can tell you that your Snopes.com post is a problem: delete it entirely. It’s too wide, and that’s what’s pushing your sidebar to the bottom of the page. You can copy the content and then paste it into Notepad to save it, delete the post, and then you can make a new post with the same content, but copying the stuff in Notepad. That will strip out the formatting tags that are causing the problem. I don’t know if that will fix everything, but it will fix at least SOME of this.

    That error happens when you copy from elsewhere that has formatting, like a web page or email or Word, and then paste it into WP. The stuff you paste has invisible tags that give orders to your blog about how to display the content, and they interfere with the structure of the blog. Make it a practice never to post directly from copied material, but to paste it into Notepad first, and copy THAT. Doing this strips those tags out.



    Nah, that’s Mistylook. It doesn’t handle having too many pages well like that.

    All the broken picture link appear (I only checked a couple) to be because you’ve linked to files within gmail mail messages. You can’t do that as your email is not publically viewable. Check teh faq linked at teh top of the forums for instructions for uploading images.

    Damn, your front page is huge. oc-192 and I can’t even get it to load fully while I write this. May want to cut back on teh number of posts on each page.



    Ahhh… the number of the pages is fine. I tend to think outside of the box sometimes and needed one additional way to categorize things. It helps and works for the purposes herein.

    Whoa, but what actually happened is that the copy I pasted by an email being circulated around about a credit card scam had an embedded code in there! That is, indeed, a lesson learned. They way I discovered it is, I took the suggestion (to a degree) to delete it but merely cut it out of the home page, then I moved it from the home page to the page under “Internet” and it did the same thing. I looked at the codes section and viola! There was a whole mess of gibberish. When I removed that gibberish, things went back to normal on the new page as well. I am just going to leave it there under the internet page and provide a link on the front page to it. (Simpler, after all the “knocking my head on the keyboard” I did earlier today!!)

    Not sure about the comment of linking to gmail mail messages. I’ll look further into that.

    Yeah, the DOMESTIC VIOLENCE tab is hidden. When I contacted support during office hour times, Mike told me that there wasn’t anything I could do about it. Just a glich in the template design. If you can’t manipulate it one way then you have to think outside of the box. I then put the longest named tab such that it would still poke out from the search. Still visible and not completely hidden; therefore, I still have the viewers having access to that tab as well.

    Thank you all for your comments and helps and tips. I certainly appreciate it. You have managed to help me keep blogging…. you all do the same and have a fabulous rest of the weekend — okay???



    As for the images: you can’t display an image if it’s not on the internet in a space everyone can get to. Only you can get to your gmail, so other people are getting an error message when they try to see the images that are there.

    You’ve got to copy the image to your computer, then use the Upload box underneath Write Post to put the image in your WordPress webspace. Once it’s in webspace, you can put it into your post using the instructions in the FAQ under Images. Hope that helps.

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