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What happened to my incoming links?

  1. My incoming links are all gone from my dashboard. What happened to them?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I have them on my Dashboard. The updates are supposed to becoming from Google blog search. Sorry I can't help. :( Maybe this is a question for Staff.

  3. @vivianpaige Just so you don't feel alone I haven't seen mine lately either.

  4. Mine have been gone for a couple of days now. :(

  5. Same here. Still not back.

  6. Have you tried using >

  7. Mine are gone too... for what it's worth, it also means my "tecnorati" rating has dropped by a whopping 422 points today... after about a 100 points yesterday. Not that it matters, but I write the danged blog to be read and if there are no links, it's not likely to be read.

  8. my incoming links are gone too.
    And google chrome says that there is a malware on my blog (that I cannot find).

    Can the both problems be correlated?

  9. @danybunia : It looks more like a coincidence. Please refer back to your original topic

  10. @justjennifer - thanks. I swear - I searched the forum before I started this thread and did not locate that. I'm guessing the search function is still b0rked.

  11. Did anyone try the link I posted? The information you get back is detailed.

  12. @timethief I tried the link - thanks. But the most recent links are clearly missing, which is what the dashboard showed.

  13. Oh well ... :(

  14. @vivianpaige - Odd... I thought the forum search had gotten much better and just searched for "incoming" (without the quotes) and got a ton of recent posts that I hadn't seen before on the same problem!

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