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What happened to my LIST of Blogs I follow?

  1. There used to be a list of "blogs I follow" accessible on my dashboard. First I noticed that newly "followed" blogs were not being added to it, and now it has disappeared. (At least, I can't find it anywhere.) The "Blogs I Follow" choice under "Reader" is NOT a list; it is an apparently randomized stream of blog posts. That is not useful to me. I would like to have the simple LIST back, so that I can see all of them and choose which one I want to go to. (Please?)

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I'm sorry but it no longer exists.

  3. Does anyone have something to suggest? A good way to keep track of the blogs I'm following?

  4. The blogs we follow appear in our Reader and we can also receive notifications of new posts by email.

  5. idratherbeiniceland

    I have a similar problem where my Reader isn't working as of yesterday, so I now have no way of reading all the blogs I'm following. I just get a 0 when I open the Reader now. The topics tab isn't working either! Gettting fed up with all the recent changes now.

  6. can always place RSS widgets for your favourite blogs into your sidebars.

  7. gaudetetheology

    Weirdly enough, you can get to the list by clicking on "Edit list" next to "Blogs I follow". It's obviously intended to be used to manage how often you get email or whatnot, but as it actually does contain a list of links to the blogs you follow, it can be used as a list.

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