What happened to my posted question on this forum?

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    I’ve been poring over this site looking for my original post and thread. It was regarding Autofocus theme, and a problem I had with images suddenly being cropped on the front page. Someone responded with a question, and I was checking back to see if they had a followup and now the whole thread has disappeared! I can see remnants of it if I do a Google search. I feel I have lost my mind. Please. Help. Me.

    The blog I need help with is huntermountain.wordpress.com.



    Click the link on the top right hand corner of any forum page.
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    It’s also the member link under your username in the forum thread.



    Sorry I’m still not seeing it.

    The original post: (from Google search)
    Autofocus front page problem with images « WordPress.com Forums
    en.forums.wordpress.com › CSS Customization… This page looked great for the past 4 months, suddenly the pictures have cropped and there are big white gaps. The photos had rollover descriptions before too…




    It’s similar, but I wasn’t sure which forum to post to so I also posted to the CSS forum and there someone responded to my post and I replied. It’s not that big a deal, just frustrating to lose track and then not be able to find it. I thought maybe I had imagined the whole thing, until a google search showed remnants of my post but on a dead link.


    Everything you post into a thread on these forums can be traced and tracked. If you have another username then the thread will be under it.



    If a Post asks the same question – i.e. double posting – even if they are in different areas of the forum, many times they will be flagged as duplicate and one of them deleted as double posting really gums things up and we can have answers going on in two different threads for the same question. and double posting really confuses the people that help in the forum and takes extra time

    All posts come through the front page section – does not matter what section they are in – if a question is classed in the wrong area – say a CSS question in General Support – the question will be flagged and moved to the CSS forum.


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    but I wasn’t sure which forum to post to so I also posted to the CSS forum

    Also note that the questions to all of the sub-forums (except “staff answers”) appear on the front page of these forums. So if you post to two or more sub-forums with the same question, it could look as if you are spamming. (I have fished many folks out of the spam filter.) If you post about CSS help in the support forum, then usually another volunteer will simply put a modlook on the topic to move the question to CSS forum.



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