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What happened to my site!?

  1. Something happened and my site got all messed up. The posts are out of order and the widgets are missing. The formatting is strange as well, it won't let me make line breaks anymore.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Thanks for your help. I ticked the box for the auto-correct, but nothing happened. I just changed the blog theme and that solved the problem with out of order posts. Not being able to skip lines...I'm still struggling to figure out why there's a problem.

  3. You're welcome, but your reply shows that you didn't pay much attention to the post I linked to.
    a) "I ticked the box for the auto-correct, but nothing happened." Of course nothing happened. My post says step 1, tick the option, then step 2, edit the problem post or turn the latest posts to draft and back to published.
    b) "I'm still struggling to figure out why there's a problem." My post explains all the possible causes, and you've got the most common one - the one to which most of the post is dedicated (stray div tag in a recent post).
    c) Changing theme doesn't really solve the problem. You simply switched to a theme that doesn't display full posts on the main page, so the problem is now confined to the single post view. Check your sidebar on this post:

  4. Oh! Ha! Ok thanks. So I think I fixed it. I had the box for auto-correct and then I just went into the post and then clicked update and I think it fixed it. Thanks so much!!

    But now I'm not sure why it won't let me skip lines. I'm publishing from my google blog docs. Didn't used to have a problem with it.

  5. You're welcome again.
    Sorry, I don't understand the other question: what does "skip lines" mean?

  6. Sorry, I'm not sure if his is a term that's used or just how I say it. Skipping lines is when there's an extra line that's blank. I'm putting the extra lines in the documennt, but they arent showing up in the post.

    Here's the difference between just having a line break and skipping a line:

    "The lines in this example
    Do not skip a line"

    "But the lines in this example

    Skip a line."

  7. Ah, you mean paragraph breaks, normally created by pressing enter in the Visual editor. This isn't working because your posts contain code that prevents it, probably because you've been copypasting the content from Word or something like that. So, to be able to enter paragraph breaks, you must first clean up the posts.

    You can edit each post, switch the editor to Text (=code) and delete all of these:

    <div id="dE_H" style="width:100%;height:100%;">

    Or you can select all in the Visual editor, copy, switch to Text, select all, paste, then re-insert the images.

    In the future, never copypaste from other sources into the Visual editor: it introduces wrong code that messes things up. When you need to paste, paste into the Text editor.

  8. Oh ok. I'm actually publishing from a blog docs app. Maybe I should just paste it into the text editor instead.

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