What happened to my stats?

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    Recently I purchased a domain name for my blog, State of Affairs. Originally the URL was jimfairthorne.wordpress.com; I changed it to state-of-affairs.com, and since then, my numbers haven’t made sense. I was pulling an average of 600 hits a day on the jimfairthorne URL, and now I’m lucky to hit 200. But according to regular readers, they haven’t stopped visiting the site. Could something in the WordPress analytics be affecting this sudden drop in numbers? If anybody has any information on this, it would be greatly appreciated.

    Alex James



    When you set a new domain name as primary and it doesn’t have “wordpress.com” in it, your new URL doesn’t have as much SEO as your old one. Subdomains of hugely important sites have more googlejuice than new domains do, even if it’s the same blog. It’ll take you some time to work back up, but you’ll get there. Just be sure you’re using tags and categories well and using keywords in your titles and image titles, etc, and that should make up for it over the next couple of months.



    Thanks raincoaster – that makes a lot of sense, and it hadn’t occurred to me. Oh well, back to the grind I guess!



    I purchased the domain and domain mapping just prior to Christmas and my stats have already fallen back into the same pattern previously established on the wordpress.com root blog.

    Did you purchase domain mapping when you purchased your domain name? The reason I purchased it for two different blogs now is because it seamlessly transfers all visitors between the root blog URL at wordpress.com and the domain URL. Doing so also expedited re-indexing my posts so that within 3 days of purchase my Google webmasters account demonstrated that change and so did the SERPs (search engine page results).

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