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What happened to my traffic?

  1. For the last week or so, my blog's traffic has slowed to a crawl and it seems like my subscribers are nowhere to be found. Before, I was averaging 300+ views a day and have about 170 subscribers and would get tons of likes and comments on my posts. But lately I haven't been getting much of anything. Has there been an update or is the site undergoing maintenance? Something else? I even resubmitted my site to the search engines today.

    PS. I live in China where wordpress is blocked so I may have missed out on some news somewhere.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. There are a few related problems: people can no longer comment with an email address in the Gravatar system unless they sign in to That has really decreased comments. Google also did a major change which seems to have downgraded blogs. Try pinging Google manually by going to when you make a new post.

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