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What happened to our blog??? :-(

  1. I just visited our blog and the template is all fucked up? What happened? How can wordpress let that happen to a paying customer without any notice? I am shocked? How do I get our blog back to the way it looked yesterday?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You were caught in the GPL licensing battle between AutoMATTic and the owners of the Cutline theme and you have been automatically switched over to the replacement, Coraline. Since you have the custom CSS upgrade, you have some work to do to get it back to what you had to begin with.

    First thing you will want to do is change the text-align in the body selector in your CSS to left from center and you will probably want to change the font-size to maybe 82.5%. That will get you started.

    body {

    You can read about things in the two sticky posts at the top of the main forum page, and in the theme announcement blog post: .

  3. Wow. This is crazy! It totally makes me regret to be a loyal wordpress customer for more than two year. If they can do that without any notification, what else can they do that we are not aware of? We had a few custom widgets defined in the sidebar is there anyway we can get those back?

  4. You should be able to find your widgets in the unused widgets pane. A few people had trouble dragging and dropping them. Go to screen options and enable accessibility mode.
    If you still can't find your widgets, post back. Staff looks in occasionally while they are 'brainstorming.'

  5. @devhd This wasn't without notification, as we sent out an email to all Custom CSS site owners last week and posted the same information here to the forums at that time.

    The email went out to the email address on account for the site owner, so without divulging your exact email address, I can see we sent it to (something) @ :)

    We can help you get the site back on track.

  6. @devhd Just sent you more information via email.

  7. I'm getting increasingly frustrated! I've posted a question about the text in all 148 of my posts being switched to a center tab, and how to switch it back, and received only a single cryptic reply from WordPress.
    The solution above looks and sounds like what I need to do, but apparantly I don't know exactly where to paste in that code - I replaced the very top of my CSS gobbletygook with the above code but absolutely nothing changed on my blog!

    Is there any solution to this short of going through and re-formatting every single post in my archive?

  8. @scotthargis Check your email -- we can help but need a few more details. (We also emailed you last Thursday in response to the Custom CSS changes.) Most likely what we can do is review your entire CSS file and check for only the CSS rules that you really need, allowing you to remove the rest.

    @devhd In case you don't see an email (or it goes to spam or junk), here's what I recommend for your Custom CSS:

    - Change #masthead h1 to #masthead #site-title because it's only an h1 element on the home page, on internal pages it's a div element.
    - You can remove #nav (it longer exists)
    - Change #header_img to #branding
    - Change #content-box to #content_box

    Your site mods are looking nice. :)

  9. Hi Lance,

    No I did not get the email and yes I was *furious* when I discovered this after via a customer that our blog (which we use as a knowledge base) was completely fucked up. I was a happy wordpress customer till you and I could not believe WordPress would do such a thing without an explicit approval and giving use the time the adapt the theme. As I said, some pages in the blog are directly linked from the feedly tool and this means that about 2000 users saw today a completely defaced blog!

    WordPress lost a lot of point and karma today. I hope that you will fix your processes going forward and NO ONE WILL MESS UP WITH OUR UI WITHOUT OUR EXPLICIT APPROVAL. Or many be I was wrong and you guys not give a fuck about your customers. In which case, please let us know so that we can move to another service.

  10. @1tess Thanks for the widget tip. That allowed me to save the widgets.

  11. In case anyone finds this, and is having the same issues I was -- here's what I've figured out:

    You can paste the code that "thesacredpath" supplied above into your CSS editor at the very top, replacing this code:
    body {
    font:62.5% Georgia, "Times New Roman", Times, serif;

    BUT --- you also have to go through and find every instance of "text-align:center" and change "center" to "left" -- there are 6 or 8 places where it occurs.

    SECONDLY --- the "Preview" button doesn't do anything, you have to bite the bullet and "Save Stylesheet" before any changes actually take place so you can see them.

    I also changed the "font:62.4%" to 82%, which made it readable again.

    And, I discovered that you can change the "lineheight:normal" to "lineheight:150%" to increase the leading back to something approaching normal. You can change the "150%" to whatever value looks good to you, I might tweak this some more.

    Very, very disappointed with this whole process, especially with the response from WP.

    An issue I still haven't resolved:

    I now have a banner ad from WordPress at the bottom of my blog -- I vaguely remember paying for a "no-ad" upgrade, I'd like to either have that advertisement removed, or get a refund on that upgrade.

  12. Lance, your email arrived while I was typing my post immediately above this!

    It didn't address the center-tabbed text issue, but I got some help and figured that one out.

    I tried pasting in the code you supplied to put my blog's width back to what I had with Cutline, but it didn't appear to have any effect, except that it changed my text back to a center tab again!

  13. Forgot to say, Thank You, I do appreciate the email.

  14. @scotthargis Apparently we're crossing signals here. :)

    I looked at your Custom CSS, and the only rules that are different from the default stylesheet are (the rest are all the same as the normal styles):

    body {
    #container {
    #content-box {
    #masthead {

    Also, you can remove all the Custom CSS and it'd look very similar.

  15. @scotthargis The reason you're seeing the centered text is that you are re-using the entire CSS file from the original theme. The way CSS works is really cool: you can layer rules on top of each other to make changes -- you don't have to include the entire thing again.

    I recommend not pasting the entire CSS file in there, just paste in CSS code for rules you want to change.

    So in your case, when you were making changes the original theme was causing issues since it was declared twice: once in the theme and once again in your Custom CSS. :)

  16. Lance, thanks for your replies. Your emails are getting through, now. I never did find the first one (although I *did* get the original WP annoucement about Coraline, which implied that I didn't really need to do much of anything, so I didn't......oops!)

    Unfortunately, I think you're talking way, way over my head. Layering rules, content-boxes, looks like English, but I can't do much with it. Not your fault....but I'm no programmer!

    I think I got the primary issue resolved -- which was the center-tabbed text. While I was at it, I got the font size and the leading fixed. This is a good start.

    However, the column widths still look off to me, and there's this WordPress advertisement at the bottom of my blog that I don't remember seeing before! I purchased the "No-Ad" upgrade and it doesn't expire until October 2010. It states that, "...We occasionally serve ads on as a way to pay our bills, purchase this to ensure that we will never show any ads on this blog."

    I took this to mean that WordPress would not show any ads on my blog. But....there it is.

    If there's anything that can be done about this, I'd appreciate it. If it involved editing the CSS, please be very very specific about what and where to make the resource for translating this stuff won't be available again for several days, unfortunately.

    Thanks again for the attention to this stuff!

  17. @scotthargis

    However, the column widths still look off to me

    Too wide? Too narrow?

    there's this WordPress advertisement at the bottom of my blog

    Is it a Google ad? What does it say? If the footer says: Theme: Coraline Get a free blog at, that's the theme footer text, not an ad.

  18. now that I have had the time to cool off, I would like to thank Lance for his responsiveness/helpfulness.

  19. Nevertheless, I strongly agree with the poster who said

    "It totally makes me regret to be a loyal wordpress customer for more than two year."

    Notice? Come to Canada and check my inbox. NOTHING from WordPress. And for a mission-critical blog this is simply NOT acceptable.

  20. I'm just jumping in here, but if it's a mission-critical blog, shouldn't you check it every day?

  21. @scotthargis

    Re: 10 Aug 9:12 post above

    SECONDLY --- the "Preview" button doesn't do anything, you have to bite the bullet and "Save Stylesheet" before any changes actually take place so you can see them.

    this might be useful: :

    Aug 10, 2010, 8:36 PM Delete Spam

    If the CSS changes you make are not showing up when previewing the problem is most likely that your browser has cached the old CSS file and is using it. If you reload the preview window while holding down the SHIFT key it should force the browser to read the new CSS file.

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