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What happened to Pressrow?

  1. I switched my theme for like a minute to get the dimensions of a header of another theme. When I wanted to switch back to Pressrow, I couldn't find it? What happened to it? I'm kinda annoyed right now :/

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Answers? Anybody?

  3. Nevermind. I'm really not happy with this. I would've liked some kind of warning.

  4. Yes, Pressrow will be replaced, with something that is very similar. Staff has made it unavailable for new use ahead of time to prevent people switching over to it and then having it replaced a short time later.

    Wait to see what the replacement looks like. I expect it will have a lot of new features you might find very useful.

  5. What is the "replacement"? Is it out yet? I got SO ticked off when I accidentally activated a new theme while I was browsing and I couldn't get it back.

  6. Hmmm, I was hoping staff would implement a dashboard warning for current pressrow users. No announcement yet on the replacement.

  7. I recommend for anyone that still has Press Row as their theme to create a test blog to try out the other themes if disered this way you can continue to use Press Row until the the theme is fully deleted like Cut-line was...

  8. ...until the theme is fully deleted like Cut-line was...

    And then, no matter what staff does to warn people ahead of time, we will still have the lynch mob forming outside Automattic Corporate Headquarters.

  9. For what it may be worth, pending the replacement, I have found Vigilance to be a good "Pressrow-like" theme. In fact, while I'll certainly look at the new theme when it's available, it's quite possible I'll stay with Vigilance.

  10. Believe or not Pressrow has been re-added you can find it under recently added in the theme gallery here is a screen shot for proof

  11. "Curiouser and curiouser!"

  12. Hi everyone, sorry for the missing PressRow link in Appearance > Themes. It's back now. It was my mistake—had meant to only hide it from newly registered users and not everyone else.

    When we replace PressRow (we don't have an exact time on that yet) we'll let you know in advance so that you have time to test out the replacement or try out other themes.

    The idea is that you should be able to re-activate PressRow as you test things out and make comparisons. It will be available to re-activate until we make the final switchover.

  13. I'm still sticking with Vigilance for now, but thanks for restoring the option, lance.

  14. " It was my mistake—had meant to only hide it from newly registered users and not everyone else."

    Wait, i'm not trying to be mean at all or anything but why would he hide it from newly registered users? Lol just wondering. I'm still trying to get the hang of this website since I'm new.

  15. Because setting up a new blog is confusing enough without having your theme vanish overnight. It wouldn't be fair to let new users get attached to a theme which is going to be deleted.

  16. Which makes it even more confusing why it was brought back as an available theme.

    So as I said above

    "Curiouser and curiouser!"

  17. My guess -- and I have neither staff nor volunteer status and could be completely wrong -- is that it was brought back for such situations as auntianne brought up in the original post: people who have been using PressRow and don't want to abandon it completely just yet.

  18. Ok. So PressRow gone forever? I'm not happy about it! SHIIIIIIT!

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