What happened to the giant blockquote quote?

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    In my The Biblical Apologist blog ( thebiblicalapologist.wordpress.com ), I use

    a lot and it uses this giant double-quote and indents the quoted material, which I like a lot.

    Today, in my Odds and End Thoughts blog ( oddsandendthoughts.wordpress.com ), I used

    and all I got were italics and no indents. What happened to the giant double-quote and indents?

    Thank you. You’re always so helpful.


    The blog I need help with is oddsandendthoughts.wordpress.com.


    Chris, can you point us to a place where this happened on odds and ends?


    Cris, Koi does not use that style for blockquotes. Each theme designer makes their own decision how they will do blockquotes. On Misty Look you get the big quote image and the big indent. In Koi, it is much more subtle with the text going to italic and slightly lighter than the normal content text. You can see here, http://allthekingshorses.wordpress.com/ , in the second post where I did a test to verify that.


    Oh and sorry for using “Chris” instead of “Cris.”



    Thanks, and NP.

    How does one tell how a particular theme uses blockquotes without having to activate each and every one of them?



    You can check the theme demos in the Theme Showcase site:
    You can also consult my relevant post:



    Thank you, your tips column is especially helpful. I’ll have to check out the demos as well. And now, I have your blog as a reference for other items as well. Thanks for all you do for us.


    You’re welcome!

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