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What happened to the Preview jump link?

  1. This is a minor thing, but sometime ago the "Preview" and "Edit" anchor jump links disappeared from the edit post page. I found them very handy, why were they removed?

  2. Are you using the same theme or did you change it?

  3. I changed themes, but that has no bearing on the admin functions. The links are simply gone.

  4. Yes, I noticed that too. They simply disappeared, They should be brought back... at the moment you have to scroll down to the preview. It's a right pain.

  5. I wrote about this last week but I had one response so I figured it was something that I was doing wrong. I'm glad to hear (okay, not that glad) that others are facing the same problem too. The lack of the Preview/Edit link is a pain and I hope we'll get it back soon.

  6. I also noticed that ctrl-B (Mac) stopped bringing up the extended editing this just me?

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