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What happened to the Tag referrals?

  1. After a couple of very successful weeks at christiannymphos, the tag referrals just vanished. We are not putting our blog name as a tag, nor do we have more than half a dozen tags on each post.

    I don't think we have changed any setting intentionally that would stop referrals, and if there is a setting, please let us know how to change it back

    yes the blog is about sexuality, but it's done from a Christian perspective with no cussing and certainly no nudity.

    Please help us get back on track

  2. One setting that could do it is under Dashboard > Options > Privacy. If you've set it to "block search engines, but allow normal visitors" that would stop you being listed in tags. Have you checked the settings there?

    If it's not that then it might be a technical error or you might have been labelled as mature, even if your content is written in a tasteful manner. The only ones who'd be able to help you for either are staff and you'd need to ask them once support opens.

  3. i checked that setting, and it says "I would like my blog to appear in search engines like Google and Sphere, and in public listings around "

    that sounds like the correct setting to me. I'll contact support in a couple hours when they open, thanks

  4. Your blog is marked as Mature because it does contain material of an adult nature.

  5. what? I've seen some of the other blogs out there. Graphic details of sexual encounters complete with nude photos and links to porn sites. how did I see them? through the tag referrals.

    How are they allowed but ours is not? I repeat, we have NO foul language, no provocative pictures, and have a biblical backing on everything we post.

    How can we get the blog taken off the "mature" list?

  6. if you've seen mature blogs in tag surfer or tags pages, it's because nobody has reported them yet. you can do so by clicking into the blog in question, hover over the 'blog info' on the top right side of the blue admin bar then click the 'report as mature' link.

  7. The bibilical backing has no part in the decision.
    You have posts that contain explicit sexual material - there are many people that do not want to see such blogs so we mark them as Mature. There are thousands of blogs made daily, I check using various methods for unwanted blogs and those that need marking Mature but I cannot check them all. That is why we have the link which sulz indicates.

  8. so the actual content means nothing in your decision? just the keywords?

    Is a blog about surviving breast cancer just as likely to get blocked as a blog about a obsession with breasts? This blog is a Christian education site, I would feel comfortable with my pastor's wife reading it. Is there no appeal process for this decision?

    Does this effect just the wordpress tags, or all referrals to google and the other search engines?

  9. Just our tags.

  10. This is ridiculous. We are marked as mature, with no cursing and no nudity and these are still up and can be found using tags?

    I could post hundreds more. If you want to keep the mature blogs at bay, then why do you have on your main tags screen a tag for sex? And when i click that i was given more tags to choose from including anal sex, lesbian sex, sex toys, sex pictures, sex stories, all from wordpress. I honestly do not understand this at all.

  11. cinnamonsticks

    Do we need to consider taking our blog to another blog provider? If we do not get the tag restriction lifted, we will most certainly consider this. We are providing people with helpful information in a non-graphic manor, with no access to any nudity or pornographic material. People who are opposed to sexually explicit sites become victims of seeing them unintentionally because of the IMAGES that they see when it opens. For our site, they would have to actually READ it, which means they are choosing to be there.
    There is no point for us to keep our blog with wordpress if we do not have access to the tag referrals. Our stats are clearly showing a drop in visits now that we have this limitation on the site.

  12. no appeal?

    if one person doesn't like one thing about the blog, tha'ts it?

  13. pornstarbabylon

    If their sites get put back into global tags, can the powers that be reconsider the spanking I got yesterday? I don't even talk about sex and skimming through their site, they do.

  14. This is a forum with pretty much just volunteers. Your best bet is to contact support directly.

  15. pornstarbabylon - as I said yesterday, you cover the porn industry. That is an Adult topic. The blog is therefore marked as Mature.

    Nutmegnympho - the top category in your blog is anal sex. You discuss sex explicitly. Using text and no images does not mean the blog cannot be seen as having adult material.

    You can send a support in and I will ask a colleague to review the decision.

  16. there is nothing wrong with the word ANAL. unless I'm mistaken, it's not considered a dirty word. we do not talk in graphic terms, just the biblical implications of if it's a christian thing to be involved in.

    why are those other blogs allowed to exist at all, but we are being restricted? go look at that latin site and then tell us how ours is WORSE than that one.

  17. pornstarbabylon

    How about having an adult global tag system for us perverts to run wild without being reported? That would be most excellent!

  18. Our site is not intended to be adult in nature, it's a christian education site, not a promotion of the porn industry. we talk about issues involving married couples. We would be aopposed to being lumped in with the people of the world that see nothing worng with pron, because we are against the use of porn entirely. those tage would not reach our target audience.

    All we ask is that somebody actually reads the content of the blog with out assuming it is pornographic from the title of the blog. Cumingirl has sent in a support request, so we'll see what happens.

  19. Nutmeg (boy am I uncomfortable right now) Nympho, I found your blog and looked at it for a bit. I'm not on staff or anything, but it's <i>clearly</i> an adult blog. The fact that you quote the Bible from time to time is irrelevant. It's graphic; that's part of the design of the blog. I'm actually worried about my boss having a problem with me having been on your blog.

    I don't know about the powers that be, but that's my measuring stick.

    As for the list of others, it's possible nobody'd flagged them before you linked them. Besides which, "but somebody else is doing it" isn't a good argument.

  20. I disagree, there is nothing graphic on the site. We are not looking to do anything because someboy else it doing it, we're looking for the abilty to discuss sex tastefully and with maturity.

    It looks like it's time to start reporting ever blog that uses the word sex as a mature site.

  21. We classify blogs as "mature", not as "pornographic". Mature content means not suitable for children.

    Mature and adult content is permitted, but inclusion in tag listings is at our discretion.

  22. Um, nutmeg - the staff has made their decision. If you don't like it, why not move to a self-hosted solution? Seems to me that makes a lot more sense than arguing.

  23. Moving to another provider will not give you the global tag pages back, unless they are a WordPress multi-user, and even if they are, they won't have the SEO power of the pages. The advantages you lose by staying at and being marked mature are: you don't turn up in Most Recently Updated, you don't get the Global Tag pages (which you wouldn't if you moved, anyway), and your name in the forums is not linked to your blog, although it IS linked when you leave comments on other blogs.

  24. I agree with vivianpaige and and I fail to see the relevance of 'Christian' as an adjective in this context.

    Adult is adult. Mature is mature. Sex is sex. Religion has nothing to do with it, imo.

  25. I dont mind the site being listed as mature, I get that. What I do mind is being listed as mature while other heardcore pornographic sites are being allowed to flourish through the tags.

    I also object to the knee jerk reactions to the title of the blog. I dont think anybody here has actually read the content.

  26. What I do mind is being listed as mature while other heardcore pornographic sites are being allowed to flourish through the tags.

    they aren't allowed as much as they haven't been caught by staff or reported.

  27. I dont think anybody here has actually read the content.

    Yes I have. You have me at a decided disadvantage, as I can't post direct quotes from your blog.

    Suffice it to say, discourse about the insertion of anal beads and tugjob how-to's are mature material that isn't appropriate for kids to be reading, which tellyworth pointed out above is the issue.

  28. I have read the content, well a handful of posts and I thought it's very graphic. Yes it's well written and doesn't have images [as far as I could see], but that's not the point. It's still about sex and it's very detailed.

    There are younger people here and I wouldn't want them seeing that.

    It's a moot point though, only staff can make that decision and they've made it. As for the other blogs, well as sulz says, they just haven't been reported yet..

  29. pornstarbabylon


    there is nothing wrong with the word ANAL.

    He never said there is anything wrong with anal sex. He is a man isn't he? lmao

  30. Um, folks. We do have kids reading these forums....

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