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what happened to the topics pages?

  1. why is the topics page changing? and what happened to gorgeous magazine like pages that displayed tons of articles by various bloggers.. i.e. how the fashion topic page used to look????????????
    it was amazing now its horrible and i have to scroll down to see articles...
    Blog url:

  2. We're making some big changes, so we had to take them down for a bit.

    For now, you can still view specific topics through the Reader:!/read/

  3. when will it go back to allowing one to see several things on one page??

  4. I don't have any complete details on that. The new Reader interface is somewhat similar in that regard. As you scroll down, older posts are loaded.

  5. yes. you can see several things by scrolling down but the magazine look before was much more appealing and yielded me more views. are you guys planning on changing it back?

  6. There is a possibility, but I don't have any details on that at this time.

  7. The old style Topics listing is now available at!/read/topics/

  8. thanks.. but i dont mean the style of listing... I meant the way the articles were displayed once you click on say, "Art" with several blogs across the page..

  9. Oh, in that case I don't have any details on if/when it will come back.

  10. thanks.. why arent newer blogs showing up? when I go to photography or fashion my blog wont come up and they r still displaying blogs from 10 hours ago...

  11. We're doing some tinkering right now, so it'll be a bit sluggish for a bit. Check back again tonight and you should see your posts there.

  12. thanks.. also... i was a bit sad about your when/if reply and many many others hate this new topics layout.. the scroll down format is not appealing ...PLease CHANGE IT BACK!!

  13. Yes, sadly the decision is not up to me alone.

  14. Well... can't you just storm into Mr. Press' corner office on the 80th floor and bang on the desk, waive your fists and threaten to jump if he doesn't change it...

  15. Haha, no. We're a distributed company, so there's no office for me to storm, but I have made note of your request through the proper channels.

  16. lol.. Thanks for sending the request! just wondering... When you wrote to Mr. Channels did you end the letter with, ..."or I'll jump"?

    either way, thanks .


  17. haha, I'd jump out of my window, but I'd only fall about 4 feet.

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