What Happened to the Tree Icon

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    Hey WordPress – What did you do with the Tree Icon image editor? This was way easier to use to manipulate images than the new image insert feature. PLEASE bring the tree icon back!!!



    ugh. I don’t mind jumping in to html mode to manipulate images, but I was more annoyed for my mom and my wife who use wordpress – the tree was such an easy way for them to do it. Save the tree!!!


    Having just typed this…my wife of course tells me she figured it out – as long as she inserts the image without formatting, you can click on the image and have all the advanced settings show up after clicking on the “picture landscape” icon in the upper left. I guess all is not lost.



    All is not lost for those who CAN insert an image; there are still many who cannot. Yes, the mountain icon and the advanced options give you at least as many options as you had before, if not more, as long as you can put the image in in the first place. It’s only a huge issue for those whose systems won’t let them do that, for whatever reason.



    The image insert bug should be fixed. All responses back to our support tickets have said it’s working for them now. If anyone is still having problems inserting an image, please send a message into support with as many details as possible.

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