What happened to this blog?

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    http://cookbr.wordpress.com/ I was enjoying this! Please inform me of the reason the blog was suspended…



    The blog had a lot of affiliate links and a link to another site with the beginnings of identical content.
    It was reported by many people.


    Ok. Thankyou.



    maybe this is OT a bit, but would Associated Content be considered an affiliate link then? Is this not allowed either? Also what about Open Web Design? I have these two as text links on my side bar, but did not know they might be against the rules! :-(



    kystorms – Open Web Design is okay. I’m finding out about AC. I had no idea they existed :)



    kystorms – if you lost the referral link from the viral thing then AC would the one link and would be okay.




    ASSOCIATED CONTENT — a new venture that seems to promise to monetize your content based on how much traffic you send to read your content on their site or how many times people email your content to each other.

    Kind of an MLM (Multi-level marketing) venture for content. And a somewhat complex rating system along with lots of Google ads.

    Here are more details:
    UNDER THE OUR COMPANY SECTION : Associated Content says it is “reinventing the way individuals and enterprises publish content. We are doing so by developing proprietary Publishing Platform and organically building a collection of multi-media Content Producers that add to Our Content library. Take a look at Our Content and our Content Producers. Both test Our Publishing Platform.
    Under the headline: Our Publishing System
    Associated Content sayt it is developing next generation online Publishing System. Our Publishing System allows for various types of content (text, photos, video, voice, etc.) to be published in a way that allows it to be discovered by search engines, easily used, and engineered to work with today’s powerful adservers.



    sorry to be so silly here, but are you saying the I can keep the one Associated Content link? I am in the beginning stages of trying to become a writer, and using them seemed to be agood thing, I had not idea that they were akin to MLM. I am not all that smart when it comes to things like that.



    No. I wasn’t actually saying anything to you. I am just a volunteer. Mark makes the judgment calls on these matters calls as he is on staff and that’s his job. However, today is supposed to be a holiday for him unless we have urgent matters.
    I was just posting the information so Mark and everyone else could read it and uncover what Associated Content is all about.
    Our WordPress ToS (Terms of Service Contract) does no allow us to use our blogs here mainly to drive traffic to another site. We agreed to this and to the other ToS terms to have a blog here. In addition we are not allowed to have google adsense ads on on blogs.

    … the Content is not spam, and does not contain unethical or unwanted commercial content designed to drive traffic to third party sites or boost the search engine rankings of third party sites …

    Well, what Associated Content seems to be is a third party site used by bloggers blogging elsewhere to make money for driving readers to the Associated Content site and thereby boosting the AC search engine rankings.



    kystorms – keep it for now.

    As it stands I don’t have a problem with it – after all without good writing there is no good content. I will email you about it when I have had a chance to discuss it with colleagues.



    ok Mark, thanks so much for helping me with this, I love my blogs ( :-) and sure do not want to lose them over something like this.

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