what happened with technorati since yesterday?

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    they seem to have revamped everything. just yesterday or the day before it said my blog page had an “authority” of 16 and my feed was there. When I went there today, I couldn’t find my blog in a search. when I signed in it was as if I’d never registered. It said zero. No feed. I was asked to claim my blog all over again and indicate categories.I’m not sure but it looks like they also took away the “reactions” to blog posts.

    The blog I need help with is amusingthezillion.com.


    Obviously they have b0rked their upgrade. I had three blogs in my account there and they are all gone.


    Their “Authority” rating system has been revamped, but I think it still has some kinks. Under their old method, my Authority rating was usually between 30 and 40, which was their count of sites linking to me during the past 6 months. I always thought that was way too low, but that was their system. Now they have a new method. I’ve read that ratings are now on a scale of 0-1000. They say:

    “With the new algorithm, the resulting Authority will better reflect the fast-changing nature of the blogosphere. Its new inherent volatility will also show which blogs are rising and falling in authority, rewarding authors on posting frequency, context and linking behavior, as well as other data inputs.”

    My new Authority rating is 478. I have no idea what it’s all about.


    They don’t even have my blogs linked to my username, and when I search for them they say there is something wrong and that they may have made a mistake and that it has been logged and they will check into it.

    I checked a couple other blogs that I visit regularly that were listed there and had reasonable ratings (30+) and they don’t even come up in their searches anymore.

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