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What Happens To Custom CSS When Upgrade Ends

  1. What happens to my Custom CSS if I don't renew my Custom CSS upgrade? Will it be removed or will I simply lose the ability to modify them?

    Thank you!

  2. The design will revert.

    Please keep a copy of your CSS file.

  3. Mark, when did it change? I still remember this answer from you, back in October:
    I'm slightly confused...

  4. It's not in the FAQ either.

  5. isadora - what happened back then was a misunderstanding by me for which I apologise. The fact it is not in the faq was simply me not getting around to it - nothing more to it than that - and at the time I would have written the same thing.

    rhpt - what I said above is the current situation.

  6. It surfaced about a week ago I believe. I personally hadn't checked for a new FAQ on this one.


  7. That is very disappointing - both to find out that this is now the case, and also for that apparent change in policy not to have been announced. I'm sure I've told several other people on the forums that their design would remain, based on the answer you gave earlier. Looks like there might be quite a lot of disgruntled customers coming up in the next few months.

  8. I had been considering CSS so I'm glad for the clarification at least. When you say "Revert" - what exactly does it revert to?

  9. dissfunktional: it means it's back to when you didn't have the css upgrade. though it does keep the css you last used in the editor - just that it doesn't appear on your blog.

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