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    Just a question in reading through the forums there seems to be conflicting advice on what happens to your followers/subscribers when you transfer from wp.com to wp.org. Is it possible to move them with you to the self-hosted blog? This thread suggests no unless you already have a domain name.


    This thread says yes.


    Could someone advise which is correct?

    The blog I need help with is shambolicliving.wordpress.com.



    As far as I know: No.

    Your followers follows your old blog’s URL. So there’s no reasons they will automatically follows your new blog or you move them to your new blog. The only thing you could do is redirect your old blog to the new one. But that’s not possible on wordpress.com.



    Thank you for responding alexsaja. In the second thread it seems that staff migrated the followers – is this the right place to contact staff? I just want to confirm if it is possible.



    I’d like to tell you to go to this link, but it looks like we can reach them for this moment. I hope one of them can come to this thread to help you out. Or maybe you could contact this man..


    Thank you very much alexsaja. The person who is going to move/redesign my blog can’t do my work until the 16th of April so I will wait it out for a while then will try to contact them on the link you provided. Appreciate your help.



    You’re welcome :)

    I hope they can help you :)




    This thread suggests no unless you already have a domain name.

    You have to buy a domain when you move to a WordPress.org install. Here’s a link to a do it yourself post > Setting up a self-hosted WordPress.org install and I’m providing it so you comprehend the process.


    Thanks timethief I understand you have to have a domain name to move to WordPress.org.

    But looking at the thread where staff commented the person transferring still had his blog as a (name).wordpress.com so he hadn’t purchased a domain name for his original blog so I’m assuming that staff can migrate your followers once you have opened your blog at wordpress.org, have your new domain name and have the jetpack plug in.

    I was just wanting to confirm that was right – because I had seen a number of comments in the forums saying you couldn’t take your followers with you – you had to ask them to refollow you at your new site.



    No, as far as I’m aware that’s not correct: you don’t get to move your followers around. They ONLY come with you if they’re subscribed to your feed at whatever.com/feed, not whatever.wordpress.com/feed.


    Thanks raincoaster – but that does contradict what the staff said in the original thread. I wonder what happens to my followers then if I purchased the domain name available through the wordpress.com store. That is changed my shambolicliving.wordpress.com site to shambolicliving.com while remaining at wordpress.com. Would the 148 followers I have be automatically redirected given that I am still hosted by wordpress.com?

    Then when moving to wordpress.org would I be able to take them with me because they are attached to that domain name?

    Oh God I’m giving myself a headache.Good luck anyone trying to follow what I’m saying.



    Yes, your followers would still follow you even if you made the new domain name primary.

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